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Educator's Guide Photo Library


Adult eagle bringing food to

Adult eagle feeding young

Adult eagle in flight

Eagle flying over water
with fish

Adult eagle in flight carrying

Adult eagle in winter

Adult eagle incubating eggs

Eagle nest

Historical photo of eaglets in
hack box

Immature bald eagle in late


Bull elk

Bull elk at sunset

Bull elk in fall eating a twig

Bull elk with collar bugling

Bull elk with harem of females
in fall


Calf close up

Biolgists wrighting calf

Cow with calf in summer
redcoat spots still on calf

Cow elk eating grasses in fall

Herd of cow and calves in fall

Two bulls fighting


Acipter Cooper hawk

Acipter sharp shinned hawk
side view

Buteo red shoulded hawl and

Board winged hawk

Red shoulded hawl and young

Red tailed hawk in flight

Red tailed hawk on pole

Red tailed hawk on wire

Red tailed hawl taking off

Bald eagle

Golden eagle

American kestrel at nesting box

American kestrel in flight

American kestrel on wire

Pergrine Falcon adult in flight

Pergrine Falcon adult and
young in rooftop nest

Peregrine Falcon male and
female at nest sit



Osprey in flight

Osprey nest

Osprey on tree

Osprey with fish

Barn owl adult

Barn owl adult in nest

Barred owl

Great horned owl

Screech owl gray phase

Screech owl red phase

Short earned owl in flight

Adult black vulture nore
black head

Adult turkey vulture in tree

Turkey vulture in flight

Turkey vulture in tree see