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Field Reports - February 16, 2018

Union County Game Warden Dirk Remensnyder has received reports of multiple snowy owls migrating through the area.

Centre and Clinton counties Game Warden Dan Murray reports that four individuals recently pleaded guilty to hunting through the use of bait and the unlawful taking of a bear and three deer.

McKean County Game Warden Skyler Gibble reports that, with winter in full swing, snowmobiles are starting to run. Riders are reminded that snowmobiles are not permitted on State Game Lands.

Clinton County Game Warden Kirk Miller reports that an individual has recently pleaded guilty to illegally killing an antlerless deer during the closed season, without a hunting license, and through the use of bait. The defendant had fines totaling over $2,000.

Clinton County Game Warden Kirk Miller reports that multiple individuals were cited for loaded firearms in a vehicle. Those individuals paid fines ranging from $100 to $300.

Elk County State Game Warden Jason Wagner reports he has investigated several reports of aggressive behavior from bull elk. The behavior, proximity to humans and lack of fear in these animals in each case involved either the intentional or unintentional feeding of elk. The habituation of elk and other wildlife as a result of feeding only leads to trouble for the animal and a nuisance for all persons living nearby. The public is reminded that the feeding of elk and bears is illegal.

Centre County Game Warden Michael Ondik reports that, for most of January, bear complaints still were prevalent in Centre and Clinton counties. One complaint was for continued cornfield damage and another was a bear battling a case of mange. These needed continuing trapping effort through January. Many sighting complaints also were received during this same period.

Cameron County Game Warden Wayne A. Hunt reports highway elk mortalities are up in his district. “The cold December weather had the animals in the river valleys, which was compounded by camps placing feed within 50 yards of the major highways. Once elk begin utilizing feed, it becomes illegal under the Game Law. Supplemental feeding of wildlife does more harm than good”.

Lycoming County Game Warden Jonathan M. Wyant reports there continues to be large groups of deer being reported, some over 50 and 60 strong in the eastern end of Lycoming County

Lycoming County Game Warden Harold Cole reports he still is receiving calls about bear mange. In January, Cole states that he assisted a neighboring officer dealing with a mange bear and he also received a call about a mange bear in his district. Both bears had severe cases. Mange causes hair loss and loss of muscle mass. In the winter, bears with mange do not have enough hair to help insulate them and they don’t have enough fat reserves to help them through the winter. Cole states that these bears end up leaving the den to look for food. Bears hibernate during the winter because there is a lack of food sources out there for them. Now these bears that don’t have their insulating fur or the layer of fat to help sustain them through the winter are not out wandering looking for food with no hair and low energy. Cole advises NOT TO FEED BEARS. He notes that the best thing you can do to help a bear suffering from mange is to note the location and call the Game Commission Regional office to report the area that the bear is in. The local game warden will deal with the bears on a case-by-case basis.

Lycoming County Game Warden Kristoffer Krebs reports that a Royersford, Pa. man was cited for possessing a license and tag belonging to another person, while hunting or taking game or wildlife or going to or from hunting or taking game or wildlife. The incident occurred on Dec. 8, 2017, along English Run Road in Pine Township, Lycoming County. The defendant entered a guilty plea before Magisterial District Judge Jerry Lepley and has been ordered to pay a fine in the amount of $100.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports receiving a letter from a state prison inmate serving a sentence for burglary and alteration of a firearm serial number. The inmate indicated the prison sentence changed his life forever.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports that charges were filed against two individuals for killing a deer illegally the night of Jan. 6 in Morrisdale.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports that a person was found guilty in court for the unlawful killing of an antlered deer in a baited area plus attempting to exceed the bag limit of one antlered deer. Subject received fines of $2,100 and faces having his hunting privileges revoked.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports that a person pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of wildlife parts after removing the antlers from a 10-point buck that was killed by a vehicle in Woodward Township.

Land Management Group Supervisor Rodney Mee reports that his Lycoming County crew is working hard at completing a timber-stand improvement project where most trees are cut down and brush removed to encourage aspen and mast-producing tree regeneration for grouse. He also reports that his Union County crew conducted a program with Jersey Shore Schools Outdoor Club to construct wildlife brushpiles with Christmas trees collected by the Muncy Lions Club.

Tioga County Game Warden Rob Minnich reports that a new year has begun and things are still moving, even though it has been cold. He has kept busy attending meetings and working investigations, and handling several injured and road-killed deer, mange bear, road-killed bear and beaver complaints.

Tioga County Game Warden Rob Minnich reports that, although the weather has been pretty cold and there has been snow on the ground almost continually, wildlife is still moving and doing well. “I set a bear trap for a mange bear that has been moving about, handled a mange bear which was found dead in a barn due to complications from mange. The bear probably only weighed around 125 pounds, but looking at it should have weighed over 300 pounds. I have also handled several road-killed bears. Usually with the cold weather bears stay more dormant but they have not done so this year, even though temperatures have been below freezing and even below 0 degrees for a lot of the month.

Land Management Group Supervisor Eric Erdman reports that even though the snow is flying, preparation for spring and summer habitat activities are in full swing. Habitat crews have been busy preparing controlled burn units by cutting trees, mowing invasive species, reclaiming fields and dozing fire lines. In addition to the on-the-ground habitat work that occurs, a lot of time is spent planning, budgeting, working with conservation groups, maintaining equipment and taking inventory.

McKean County Game Warden Jeffrey Orwig reports he has been shown some nice antler sheds. Now is the time to get out there and look. Not to mention the beautiful winter landscape and the exercise is reward of its own.