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Public Shooting Ranges in the Northcentral Region

Field Officer Reports - August 11 2017

Clinton County WCO Kirk Miller reports an individual recently was found guilty of hunting turkeys through the use of bait on the 2017 spring gobbler season opener. Fines total over $150.

Lycoming County WCO Kris Krebs reports he has seen numerous rattlesnakes while patrolling state game lands in July.

Lycoming County WCO Harold Cole reports another bear with a severe case of mange had to be euthanized. He responded to a residence where the bear was wandering in the yard. Then it went into an open shed. Cole sedated the bear and removed it from the garage. The underweight bear was then euthanized. The bear had been feeding on field corn put out by residents to attract wildlife, so there’s a chance it contaminated the area with the mange mites that could infect healthy bears that also were drawn to the corn. Cole had originally trapped and tagged the euthanized bear in September, 2011 just north of Jersey Shore on a farm where corn damage was occurring. The bear was released in southern Potter County. The bear was 20 years old at that time it was trapped, which made it 26 years old. The bear died largely because people are still feeding wildlife, drawing bears and helping to spread mange.

WCO Tom Sabolcik recently stopped and cited three individuals for operating UTVs on State Game Lands 59. They were apprehended at 10:30 p.m. and quite shocked when they were stopped by the WCO.

Potter County WCO Bill Ragosta reports having issued at least half a dozen written warnings in the last month for the unlawful bear feeding. The mange epidemic continues and it can be traced to backyard feeding in most instances.

Union County WCO Dirk Remensnyder reports furbearer sightings are up, especially those of foxes and raccoons.

Clearfield County WCO Mark Gritzer reports that English yew has been identified in his district. This plant species produces a toxic berry that can be detrimental to wildlife, especially bears. Bear trapping efforts were conducted on the property to where the plant was discovered. Efforts to eradicate this invasive species are planned in the near future.

Clearfield County WCO Mark Gritzer reports a great blue heron was euthanized in Lecontes Mills. The bird displayed symptoms of West Nile virus, but autopsy results showed the bird was suffering from an internal parasite within its gizzard.

Potter and Tioga counties Land Manager Denise Mitcheltree reports the Tioga Food and Cover Crew, which is still short-staffed, planted 39 acres of food plots on State Game Lands 37 and cooperative access lands in July. The Potter Food and Cover Crew planted 39 acres of food plots on State Game Lands 59, 64 and 204 and state parks and state forests. The Potter crew also mowed 123 acres of clover that was already established in various herbaceous openings.

Tioga County WCO Rob Minnich reports he attended Arnot regional meeting, Tioga County youth field day meeting, handled bear complaints, set and moved bear traps, handled beaver complaints, picked up road-killed deer, answered permit questions, patrolled his district and state game lands, and traveled with the National Rifle Association to Raton, N.M. for the National Youth Hunter Education Challenge.

McKean County WCO Jeffrey Orwig reports the bear population is doing very well in McKean County. Hunters should have an outstanding season.

McKean County WCO Jeffrey Orwig reports that, with the assistance of WCO Tom Sabolcik, charges were filed agaisnt an Eldred man for illegally taking multiple deer out of season. Seven deer where found in the shed behind the residence.

Clinton County WCO Kirk Miller reports that, during a patrol on State Game Lands 89, he spotted a hen turkey with poults, a black bear, and multiple deer with fawns. It serves as a great example that state game lands provide excellent opportunities for hunters to be successful.

Lycoming County WCO Harold Cole reports after getting a slow start on seeing turkeys in June, the number of hens with poults has increased greatly during July. Turkey numbers are looking good for the fall.