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April 24, 2018: Controlled Burns Conducted By Pennsylvania Game Commission On Several State Game Lands
March 16, 2018: Controlled Grassland Fire Planned For PA Game Commission Shenango Reservoir Area 415 In Mercer County
March 1, 2018: Meth Lab Case On Warren County State Game Lands Resolved
January 16, 2018: Erie County Deer Processor Case Resolved
January 8, 2018: PGC Snowmobile Trail Reopened


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Field Reports - June 8, 2018

Jefferson County Game Warden Roger Hartless reports that while traveling along a township road in Eldred and Barnett townships, he noticed several areas where an ATV recently did “doughnuts.” Not far up the road, the same type of damage was observed in a grassy Game Commission parking area. Hartless was able to conceal his patrol vehicle nearby and a few minutes later an ATV came into view, doing more “doughnuts” in the road and parking area. The operator did not have a valid driver’s license, was not wearing a helmet and the ATV was not properly registered. He is facing several charges.

Jefferson County Game Warden Roger Hartless reports he recently filed a citation after several bags of household garbage were dumped on lands enrolled in the Game Commission’s Hunter Access Program. The investigation that led to the litter charge was fairly typical, look through the trash, locate some items with names and personal information, interview a suspect, and obtain a confession. What made this investigation more difficult than most was that, prior to the trash being discovered, a bear or bears got into the bags and had trash scattered about to such an extent that it took over an hour to inspect all of the trash and get the mess cleaned up.

Jefferson County Game Warden Roger Hartless reports that the number of bear complaints he’s received this spring is up significantly compared to previous years. As usual, the majority of these complaints involve bears getting into trash, birdfeeders, or both. Eliminating the food source by managing trash and removing birdfeeders is the most effective way to deal with problem bears.

Clarion and Jefferson counties LMGS Jesse N. Bish reports that, during a recent patrol in turkey season, he and Game Warden Roger Hartless cited a turkey hunter who was not in possession of their license. During big-game seasons, where a harvest tag is needed for properly marking harvested game, hunters are reminded that it is important to possess those tags. And it’s the Law!

Clarion and Jefferson counties LMGS Jesse N. Bish reports that, during a recent patrol over the Memorial Day weekend, he and Game Warden Roger Hartless cited an individual operating a motorized vehicle on Hunter Access property.

Mercer County Game Warden Donald Chaybin reports a group of ATV riders from Ohio turned up in a parking area on State Game Lands 130 after following a posted “ATV Trail” in Venango County, and assumed they could continue into Mercer County. Their subsequent use of the game lands parking area as they fished along Sandy Creek resulted in several violations for unlawful possession of alcohol on game lands.

Mercer County Game Warden Donald Chaybin reports that a young male black bear with a severe case of mange was killed on Route 208, east of Grove City.

Warren County Game Warden Eric McBride reports that citations are being filed against several individuals for littering and maintaining a fire on state game lands.

Erie County Game Warden Mike Stutts reports that he and Waterways Conservation Officer Matt Visosky combined to check bass anglers from 16 different states who came to Presque Isle Bay in pursuit of smallmouth bass this year.

Erie County Game Warden Mike Stutts wants to remind people to leave fawns and other wildlife in the wild where they belong. They are not abandoned and their mother is probably nearby watching over them.

Crawford County Game Warden Randy Crago reports that 32 students completed their Hunter-Trapper Education training at the Spartansburg Sportsman’s Club.