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March 16, 2018: Controlled Grassland Fire Planned For PA Game Commission Shenango Reservoir Area 415 In Mercer County
March 1, 2018: Meth Lab Case On Warren County State Game Lands Resolved
January 16, 2018: Erie County Deer Processor Case Resolved
January 8, 2018: PGC Snowmobile Trail Reopened


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Public Shooting Ranges in the Northwest Region

Field Reports - March 16, 2018

Clarion County Game Warden Steven J. Ace reports there are many opportunities for people to get out and enjoy some of the nicer days. People can go shed hunting. This is something that hunters and non-hunters can do. Take your wife, girlfriend, kids, or a friend out and go find some shed antlers. For those who want a little more action; crows are still in season until April 8, and coyotes are abundant. Please be sure to respect landowners and ask permission to be on their property for any reason.

Crawford County Game Warden Mark A. Allegro reports he and one of his deputies recently investigated a group of coyote hunters unlawfully hunting on regulated shooting grounds. Charges are pending against one of the hunters.

Jefferson County Game Warden Roger A. Hartless reports that some bears became active during the brief stretch of warm weather during early March. With that increase in bear activity came an increase in bear-related complaints. Once again, it’s time to take steps to bear-proof garbage dumpsters, begin removing birdfeeders before dark, and avoid placing out trash cans until just before the sanitation company stops by to pick up your trash.

Jefferson County Game Warden Andrew D. Troutman reports that, while investigating a case where deer parts were dumped along the road, five or six large trash bags were found dumped over the bank. Identifying information was found within the trash. The person claimed they didn’t dump the trash there, but they wouldn’t reveal who did. They are facing a fine of up to $500.

Lawrence County Game Warden Byron D. Gibbs reports that, while checking coyote hunters competing in a hunt, a hunter was found to be hunting with an unplugged shotgun. A magazine fed shotgun has to be restricted to a two-shell capacity in the magazine while hunting most game animals in Pennsylvania, with the exception of deer, bear or elk.

Lawrence County Game Warden Byron D. Gibbs reports that a firearms deer hunter was found hunting in a ground blind without the required orange posted outside of the blind. There was also a mineral bait found in the area of the blind. Charges were filed for both violations.

Lawrence County Game Warden Byron D. Gibbs reports that several deer hunters were found to be carrying unused deer harvest tags from prior years. This has been illegal for several years now and citations are being filed for the offense.

Lawrence County Game Warden Byron D. Gibbs reports that a father and son both have given written statements accusing each other of killing the same illegal deer. The case is scheduled for court.

Lawrence County Game Warden Byron D. Gibbs reports that a trapper has recently pleaded guilty for leaving set traps unchecked for over 36 hours. Traps are required to be checked at least once every 36 hours, although most trappers check their traps more frequently. The reason is so the animals can either be harvested or released in a reasonable time.

Lawrence County Game Warden Byron D. Gibbs reports that a group of young adults were encountered on State Game Lands by Pennsylvania State Police while they were in possession of alcohol. Charges were forwarded to the Pennsylvania Game Commission and a hearing is scheduled.

Lawrence County Game Warden Byron D. Gibbs reports that a man was charged with killing two deer before tagging either one. Except in special regulations areas, a harvested deer must be tagged before an attempt can be made on a second one.

Lawrence County Game Warden Byron D. Gibbs reports that a local man was found on State Game Lands in possession of a concealed semiautomatic handgun, and without a Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms or identification. He was discovered with the handgun after firing several dozen rounds on State Game Lands. Other charges were also filed. He was found guilty in court.

Lawrence County Game Warden Byron D. Gibbs reports that a duck hunter was found hunting ducks on State Game Lands without a federal duck stamp and while using lead shot. Although he said he felt charges for the violations were unfair, he ultimately pleaded guilty.

Lawrence County Game Warden Byron D. Gibbs reports that a hunter in possession of two pheasants was determined to have never purchased a pheasant permit. In addition to the permit violation, charges for unlawful taking of game or wildlife also apply, and they carry the potential for hunting license revocation throughout most of the United States through the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

Mercer County Game Warden Donald G. Chaybin reports a beaver caught in a leg-hold trap on the bank of a small stream in North Vernon Township. The law requires traps to be checked and wildlife removed at least once every 36 hours. In this case, the beaver was there for over 48 hours. While the trap was untagged, further investigation revealed an identical set a farther downstream, and that trap, as well as two beaver snares, were tagged. The trapper lived several townships away. When asked about checking the traps as required, he stated his friend was to check on them. He was informed that his friend did not do him any favors, and he’s not permitted to check traps that don’t have his name tag on. Citations will be filed.

Mercer County Game Warden Donald G. Chaybin received a complaint from a beaver trapper in South Pymatuning Township. He made a couple sets in the Orangeville area, along Pymatuning Creek, and returned to find his traps were stolen. He reported a fisherman had seemed keenly interested in watching him as he set the traps. The general description of that fisherman and his vehicle were provided. The traps had rather unique modifications made to them and will be easily identified. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission Northwest Region Office in Franklin.

Venango County Game Warden Jason R. Amory reports that multiple drug-related cases have recently been successfully adjudicated. In one case, a defendant disposed on Cranberry Township property enrolled in the Hunter Access Program methamphetamine precursors and drug paraphernalia used to inject drugs. In a separate unrelated case, a defendant pleaded guilty to charges related to possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving while under the influence of a controlled substance. Multiple fines and costs were imposed in each case.

Venango County Game Warden Jason R. Amory reports that multiple cases relating to the illegal killing of big game during the closed season recently were adjudicated successfully. The defendants, a father and son, pleaded guilty to killing three deer in two separate incidents. Fines and restitution in excess of $6,000 were imposed as well as court fees.

Warren County Game Warden David W. Donachy reports finding several beaver traps set without tags above the water or ice as required by law.

Clarion and Jefferson counties LMGS Jesse N. Bish reports that over a dozen tree stands were removed from State Game Lands within Jefferson and Clarion counties this past February. Hunters are reminded that the deadline for tree stand removal is two weeks from the last deer season, which was Jan. 27 in Wildlife Management Units 2D and 2F.