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May 17, 2018: Road Closure Extended, State Gamelands 67
May 10, 2018: Road Closure, State Gamelands 67

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Field Reports - May 11, 2018

Adams County Game Warden Cory Ammerman reports a search warrant conducted on a South Mountain area individual yielded one illegal trophy-class 9-point and six unlawfully possessed guns. The individual entered a guilty plea agreement to one felony for persons not to possess firearms, one misdemeanor for an unlawful deer, and one summary for hunting while on license revocation. The individual will be receiving a minimum of 48 months jail time, and must pay $5,000 for restitution on the trophy buck and $500 to Operation Game Thief for the reward given to the person who reported the violations.

Adams County Game Warden Darren David reports a man killed a doe on the 2017 firearms deer season opener. Two other hunters assisted, or conspired with him in the violation. When the hunters thought they might be caught, the carcass was dumped along a road and left to rot. Many charges are pending.

Adams County Game Warden Darren David says on the last day of the firearms deer season, a report of late shooting led to the apprehension of several hunters. Among the violations uncovered are two deer tagged improperly, at least one deer shot after closing time, shooting within safety zones, an unlawfully obtained license and carrying expired licenses with big game tags.

Adams County Game Warden Darren David reports a year after a convicted criminal was charged with unlawfully possessing a firearm when he accidentally shot his brother while they hunted pheasants, he was found hunting with a muzzleloader. He again is facing a felony charge for unlawfully possessing a firearm.

Bedford County Game Warden Brandon Pfister reports three men from Maryland and New Jersey are being investigated for the unlawful taking of bucks over multiple years, transporting deer across state lines and unlawful tagging.

Bedford County Game Warden Brandon Pfister reports four individuals were charged with loaded firearms in a vehicle and unlawful taking of a deer.

Bedford County Game Warden Brandon Pfister reports two men have been charged with unlawfully harvesting a deer outside of a DMAP area.

Bedford County Game Warden Jeremy Coughenour reports two out-of-state hunters recently pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a firearms deer season incident. One hunter had killed an antlerless deer, even though he didn’t possess a valid antlerless tag. He then conspired with his friend to illegally tag the deer. Both hunters were field checked by wardens just after the deer was shot and before they could illegally tag the animal. They both also possessed multiple deer tags from previous years.

Blair County Game Warden Salvadore Zaffuto reports a Tyrone resident pleaded guilty to dumping three loads of rubbish on Tyrone Water Authority property.

Blair/Huntingdon Counties LMO Chris Skipper reminds residents firewood cutting from SGL habitat projects is illegal. The downed trees provide much needed habitat for wildlife, even though the wood might appear to be going to waste.

Cumberland County Game Warden Timothy Wenrich reports the adjudication of a case in which an individual unlawfully killed or possessed multiple deer. The two-month investigation involved game wardens and waterways conservation officers from two counties.

Cumberland County Game Warden Timothy Wenrich reports he measured several bucks and an elk that will be added to the Pennsylvania Big Game Records book. The elk also qualified for Boone & Crockett Club book listing.

Cumberland County Game Warden Timothy Wenrich reports some local hunter/trapper education classes have been posted to the agency website and are filling up. Go to the website to find a class and register.

Cumberland County Game Warden Timothy Wenrich reports firearms deer season incidents included damage to property by gunfire, hunting over bait, hunting without a license and fluorescent orange violations.

Cumberland County Game Warden John Fetchkan reports a few February waterfowl violations. Not having a federal duck stamp and state migratory bird license were the most prevalent. Since the display regulation was discontinued, many more hunters forget to take licenses afield, which leads to inconveniences for all involved.

Fulton County Game Warden Justin Klugh reports two persons who assisting with the illegal taking of a deer at night with a spotlight during closed season were found guilty at a hearing and assessed $2,000 in fines.

Huntingdon County Game Warden Amy Nabozny reports there were numerous cases over the past hunting season in which hunters were apprehended for shooting multiple bucks. These cases were prosecuted with information passed along by folks who are fed up with this greed for resources and disregard for laws.

Mifflin County Game Warden Amanda Isett reports a hunter was cited for trapping after the season closed.

Mifflin County Game Warden Amanda Isett reports several hunters were cited for having loaded firearms in or against their vehicles during the firearms deer season.

Perry County Game Warden Steven Brussese reports many of the county’s bald eagle nests have become active in recent weeks. There also is at least one new nest that will be monitored closely throughout the spring.

Perry County Game Warden Steven Brussese reports two Perry County residents have been charged with the killing an antlerless deer at night over the Christmas weekend. One of the violators was on revocation for past game-law violations. The charges, including taking a deer in closed season and safety zone violations, resulted in $3,500 in fines and a combined 11 years’ revocation for both violators.

Perry County Game Warden Kevin Anderson Jr. reports a Perry County man recently pleaded guilty to shooting antlerless deer without a valid doe tag during the firearms deer season. Large fines have been assessed and he will lose his hunting privileges for several years.

Snyder County Game Warden Harold Malehorn reports he filed a criminal complaint on an individual for possessing a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, driving on a suspended/revoked driver’s license and game-lands violations.

Snyder County Game Warden Harold Malehorn reports he filed a citation on a man for throwing garbage from his vehicle into a State Game Lands 212 parking lot.

York County Game Warden Justin Ritter reports a local deer processor pleaded guilty to selling game meat. The charges included misdemeanor and summary charges and $3,000 penalty