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Field Officer Reports - May 19, 2017

Bedford County WCO Brandon Pfister reports that two individuals have pleaded guilty for destruction of Game Commission property on State Game Lands 41.

Bedford County WCO Brandon Pfister reports that a Hopewell man has pleaded guilty to trapping without a license and unlawful taking. Fines and costs total $1,750.

Cumberland County WCO Timothy L. Wenrich reports a local man recently pleaded guilty to making a false statement in order to secure a hunting license. He had never taken the required Hunter-Trapper Education course, or fit any of the criteria that would have made him exempt. These courses are required by law and have had direct impact on making hunting safer.

Cumberland County WCO Timothy L. Wenrich reports one hunter was issued a citation for failure to lawfully tag his turkey harvest. The harvest tag should be completed and attached to big game immediately after harvest and before moving game

Snyder and Juniata counties WCO Harold J. Malehorn reports he filed one citation against an individual for locating game from a motor vehicle and failing to go 25 yards off the road before shooting, and another citation against the same individual for failing to wear the required orange hat while hunting groundhogs. He was given one warning for shooting in a safety zone, and another for using a motor vehicle to hunt.

Cumberland County WCO John Fetchkan reports, on the first day of spring gobbler season, violations were encountered such as unplugged shotguns, stalking turkeys, hunting in a propagation area and not having a hunting license in possession while afield. Hunters who use State Game Lands 169 are again reminded of the propagation area that has been in effect for many years.

Mifflin County WCO Amanda M. Isett reports two individuals were warned for taking a fox kit from the wild and not calling the Game Commission or a local Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.