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Seedling For Schools Program


Program ended April 21, 2017.

Trees are important to wildlife, people and the environment. Seedlings for Schools is open to Pennsylvania pre-K-12 schools free of charge. Through Seedlings for Schools, students plant seedlings at home, on school grounds or in their community and explore the vital role of trees in the environment. Homeschoolers, please combine orders with your home school group/association. Seedlings are grown and shipped from the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Howard Nursery.

Seedlings for Your Class: This year’s program includes elementary, middle school and high school classrooms and provides one tree to each student. White spruce and silky dogwood are the tree species being offered this year.

Seedlings to Develop Habitats: *This portion of Seedlings for Schools distribution has been closed this year due to budget shortfalls.* Seedlings to Develop Habitats provided up to 500 seedlings to middle and high school classes to enhance or create a specific habitat. As an alternative, the agency will extend the Seedlings for the Class program beyond the elementary level to include middle and high school classrooms. This program provides one tree to each student.


Educational materials

Questions? Please contact Howard Nursery 814-355-4434, M-F 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Ordering Information

Program ended April 21, 2017.

Seedling Arrival: Seedlings will be shipped in April by UPS, depending on weather conditions and number of seedling orders. Once seedlings arrive, keep them moist. Hand out seedlings with roots in half gallon baggies with moist shredded newspaper or plant in juice/milk cartons to transport home. Planting Directions and a Safety Notice are found in the teacher’s guide. We cannot guarantee shipment on a specific date. Species substitutions may occur.