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Wildlife Management Annual Reports

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2016DeerDeer Health, Forest Habitat Health, Deer Harvests, and Deer Population Trends by Wildlife Management Unit21001-15z
2016DeerDeer Management Assistance and Agricultural Deer Control Permit Programs21011-15z
2016DeerDeer Hunter Surveys21017-15z
2016DeerLandscape-level evaluation of deer impact in response to changes in white-tailed deer abundance.21018-15z
2016DeerFawn survival and mortality causes in relation to predator populations21019-15z
2016DeerElk Population Survey/Elk Harvest Management25001-15z
2016DiversityColonial Waterbird Nesting Study70004-15z
2016DiversityGolden-winged Warbler Comprehensive Monitoring and Management71040-15z
2016DiversityBald Eagle Breeding and Wintering Surveys71101-15z
2016DiversityPeregrine Falcon Investigations71501-15z
2016DiversityOsprey Nest Surveys71701-15z
2016DiversityWetland Nesting Bird Surveys72302-15z
2016DiversityRegional Wildlife Diversity Program79701-15z
2016DiversityBarn Owl Conservation Initiative79801-15z
2016DiversitySurveys of Terrestrial Mammal Species of Special Concern70007-15z
2016DiversitySummer Bat Concentration Survey/Appalachian Bat Count70008-15z
2016DiversityPennsylvania Mammal Atlas71301-15z
2016DiversityIndiana Bat Hibernacula Surveys71401-15z
2016DiversityIndiana Bat (Myotis sodalis) Summer Roost Investigations71402-15z
2016DiversityBat Acoustic Transect Survey (BATS)79601-15z
2016Game BirdStatewide Grouse Hunting Survey29002-15z
2016Game BirdWaterfowl Banding51001-15z
2016Game BirdWaterfowl Population Monitoring51004-15z
2016Game BirdMourning Dove Banding55001-15z
2016Game MammalsStatewide Wildlife Food Survey23000-15z
2016Game MammalsBlack Bear Harvest and Population Monitoring23001-15z
2016Game MammalsComparison of methods analyzing response of snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus) to habitat management in Pennsylvania.31001-15z
2016Game MammalsFurbearer Population and Harvest Monitoring61001-15z
2016Game MammalsBest Management Practices for Trapping61002-15z
2016Game MammalsBobcat Harvest Management63005-15z
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