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​​New License Year Checklist 

With the 2024-25 license year and antlerless license sales kicking off in just over a month, make sure you’re prepared to take advantage of all the opportunities available by running through this checklist.   

 1. Create or Update Your HuntFishPA Account  

If you’re a new hunter, visit to create an account before the new license year begins. If you already have an account, log in and make sure all your personal, contact, and payment information is up to date. Completing this step now will help you purchase your licenses efficiently when sales begin in a few weeks.  

2. Know Your CID 

Each hunter who purchases a license is assigned a permanent nine-digit customer identification number (CID) number. You can find this number printed on your hunting license. Knowing your CID number when you’re purchasing a license in-store at an issuing agent will help streamline the checkout process.  

You can also use your CID number to quickly look up your HuntFishPA account. The option to search by social security number will be removed soon for security reasons, so knowing your CID number is the best way to access your account if you don’t remember your login credentials.  

3. R​eview the Antlerless License Sales Schedule  

The 2024-25 license year brings some changes to the antlerless license sales schedule designed to reduce wait times for hunters throughout the first round.  

Resident antlerless license for WMUs 1B, 2G, or 3A only go on sale Monday, June 24 on a first come, first served basis until sold out. Resident antlerless licenses for all other WMUs go on sale Thursday, June 27 and are guaranteed until nonresident antlerless licenses go on sale Monday, July 8. Note: hunters can still only purchase one antlerless license in the first round until the second round begins on July 22. 

So if you want a resident antlerless license for any WMU other than 1B, 2G, or 3A, you’ll have 11 days to purchase without worry of your WMU selling out. You can wait until fewer hunters are in line and it’s most convenient for you.  

To save time and postage costs, wait to purchase your general hunting license until you purchase your first round antlerless licenses.  

Be sure to review the full schedule for all four rounds and WMU quotas to determine your best time to buy. 

4. Complete a Landowner Antlerless License Application 

If you own 50 or more contiguous acres of land within Pennsylvania, you can apply for a landowner antlerless deer license. Landowners can submit applications to the county treasurer office where the property is located prior to the start of general antlerless license sales on June 24. These licenses are available beginning Monday, June 17. Reminder: antlerless licenses for WMUs 1B, 2G, and 3A only will be available from June 24-27.  

Learn more about the requirements for landowner antlerless deer licenses and complete the application 

5. Fill out a License Menu  

You have a lot of different options when purchasing your general hunting license and add-ons. Download and fill out a license menu to be sure you don’t miss any options and simplify the process — especially when buying in-store. Not sure where to go? Find a hunting license issuing agent near you. 

6. Plan Ahead for DMAP Permits 

Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) permits go on sale in the third round, beginning August 12. Hunters can either get a coupon from a landowner to purchase a DMAP harvest permit (up to a maximum of four) or purchase them directly for the specific DMAP unit number (up to a maximum of two). This program helps landowners manage their deer populations and provides additional opportunities for hunters. The deadline for landowners to submit an application to participate in the program is July 1. Do your research on units before the third round begins and learn more about DMAP permits.  

7. Download the PGC Mobile App  

Can’t remember which licenses you bought? Want to find a license issuing agent near you? Have to double check regulations? Need to contact the Game Commission? There’s an app for that! The Game Commission’s mobile app offers a variety of in-app resources as well as quick links to purchase a license or report a harvest. Learn more and download the app 

8. Follow PGC for Real-Time Updates  ​

From road and range closures on state game lands to prescribed fire notifications to the latest agency updates, you can stay connected and informed by following the Game Commission on social media. For the most localized information, be sure to follow your region’s page on Facebook!  

  • For more details on purchasing hunting licenses, check out our FAQs page 

Emily Kantner

Emily Kantner is the Strategic Communications & Outreach Division Chief for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. She’s a lifelong Pennsylvania hunter, and her best days are spent with a bow in hand.