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Wildlife on WiFi

At Home Learning Resources and Virtual Field Trips

Are you a parent, educator, or wildlife enthusiast looking for at home or virtual learning resources? The Pennsylvania Game Commission can help. We are pleased to offer Wildlife on WiFi, our hub of at home educational resources and “virtual field trips” to provide parents, students, educators, and other interested groups with the chance to connect with wildlife from anywhere!

The Game Commission's Wildlife on WiFi hub of activities, lessons, story time videos, and more is grouped under three themes: Wildlife Science, Discover Backyard Wildlife, and Celebrate Pennsylvania Birds. Find out more about each below!

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Wildlife Science

You see wildlife on state game lands, in parks, and even your backyard. But have you ever wondered how biologists ensure our state’s wildlife populations thrive? Find out with these lessons and videos.

Activities and Lessons

NEW!  Game Commission Wildlife Careers PDF
Build Your Own Beaver Dam! (3:12 video)
10 Things You Can Do for Wildlife
Educator's Guide to Celebrating Pennsylvania Bald Eagles and Elk PDF
Do You Know Me? A simple game to identify Pennsylvania wildlife. PDF
Feet first! A simple game to identify Pennsylvania wildlife. PDF

Videos and Live Wildlife Webcams

NEW!  A webinar on Pennsylvania mammals. In partnership with Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. (1 hour video)
Wildlife Storytime: Beavers by Deborah Hodge (9:45 video)
Peregrine Falcons: Science of Wildlife Management (2:28 video)
Black Bears: Science of Wildlife Management (2:48 video)
Black Bear Mange: Science of Wildlife Management (2:25 video)

Celebrate Pennsylvania Birds

They flock, roost, fly, wade, and waddle. They are also some of our favorite members of the Pennsylvania wildlife family. Celebrate Pennsylvania birds with the lessons and activities below.

Activities and Lessons

Let’s Wing It! Learn all about bird wing adaptations.PDF
Let’s Wing It! Guide for Parents and Educators PDF
Bird Beak Bites PDF
Turkey Field Guide PDF
How to Build Your Own Bird House PDF
Build Your Own Bird Nest PDF
Pennsylvania Wildlife Coloring Book PDF
Bird Digestive System Activity – Grades 3-6 PDF

Videos and Live Wildlife WebCams

NEW!  Virtual field trip to band barn owls and kestrels (1.5 hours) 
All About Ospreys (2:26 video)
What is a "Tame" Ruffed Grouse (5:43 video)
From the Field: Heron Rookery Surveys (4:57 video)
Turkey Tidbits (6:07 video)
Bird Box Pointers (4:07 video)
Bald Eagle Nest Live Cam (Pennsylvania Farm Country)
Middle Creek Migration Updates and Live Cam
Pennsylvania Envirothon Wildlife Study Session 1
Pennsylvania Envirothon Wildlife Study Session 2
Pennsylvania Envirothon Wildlife Study Session 3
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Live Peregrine Falcon Cam (Harrisburg)

Discover Backyard Wildlife

You do not have to visit one of Pennsylvania’s state game lands or parks to view wildlife. It can be discovered at your doorstep! Check out the lessons below for ways to explore wildlife right in your backyard.

Activities and Lessons

NEW!  How to Make Your Own Animal Track Cast!  (4:03 video)
Wildlife Game Show (PowerPoint)
Positive Pollinators: Storytime: Monarch Butterflies by Gail GibbonsButterfly Box Plan (PDF); Bee Box Plan (PDF);  Pollinator Lesson Plans for grades 3 through 8 (PDF) Courtesy of Pollinator Partnership in conjunction with the Game Commission's Howard Nursery Teacher Resource Guide
Backyard Wildlife Nature Journal (PDF)
Wildlife Word Search
Bird Feeder Bingo
Home Sweet Home! A simple game to identify animal homes.
Wildlife Nature Hunt
Wildlife Bingo
All About Bluebirds (13:11 video)

Videos and Live Wildlife WebCams

NEW! Wildlife Storytime: Bats by Gail Gibbons  (10:36 video)
Creating a Backyard Animal Track Trap with Household Items (5:36 video)
Build a Backyard Brush Pile (4:35 video)
Bear Dens in Your Backyard. Oh My! (8:42 video)
Wildlife Story Time: The Best Nest (7:29 video)

Bear in tree