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Pennsylvania State Game Lands

The Game Commission owns and manages more than 1.5 million acres of state game lands throughout the Commonwealth. The primary purpose of these lands is the management of habitat for wildlife and provide opportunities for lawful hunting and trapping. Secondary recreational uses are permitted in accordance with the Game Commission’s regulations.

State Game Lands Regulations – Title 58
State Game Lands PDF Maps
Mapping Center: Create personalized state game lands maps.

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Public Shooting Ranges 

Range regulations, permits, locations, and information

The Game Commission continues to provide resources for shooters – hunters and non-hunters alike – by maintaining shooting ranges on State Game Lands across the Commonwealth. To find a range near you. please visit the Public Shooting Ranges page.

Seasonal Roads on Game Lands 

More than 400 miles of roads are open seasonally on state game lands. Seasonal openings are based on hunting seasons, road conditions and safety. To find the locations of season roads on game lands, please visit our Mapping Center.

Access for Hunters with Disabilities

Access for Hunters with disabilities sign

Hunters and trappers with disabilities can find additional information on the Permits for Hunters with Disabilities page. Permitted persons can access state game lands using ATVs on these designated routes. Note: This information is in the process of being updated. Please reach out to the region directly if no routes are listed.

Designated Routes for Horses and Bicycles 

Designated Routes for Horses and Bicycles signThese multi-use roads or trails are open to bicycling and horseback riding at certain times of the year, and under certain restrictions. Riding activities are not permitted (except on Sundays or on roads open to public travel) from the last Saturday in September thru the third Saturday in January, and before 1 p.m. from the second Saturday in April thru the last Saturday in May. This does not apply to anyone lawfully engaged in hunting, trapping or fishing on state game lands. Designated routes are posted by the Game Commission as being open to travel by a non-motorized vehicle, conveyance or animal. 


Snowmobile Trails 

 Approve Snowmobile Trail signDesignated routes for snowmobile use on State Game Lands are open, provided there is sufficient snow, from the third Sunday in January through April 1. Riders may only use snowmobiles that are registered and display valid registration decal. 

Additional Information

Game Lands Special Use Permit (PDF)
Special Requests to Use State Game Lands Information