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Wayne A. Laroche - Special Assistant for CWD Response


In July of 2017, the Game Commission created a new executive-level position to direct its ongoing and intensifying efforts to limit the spread of chronic wasting disease in wild white-tailed deer and neutralize its threat to wild elk. Laroche, who served as the agency’s Bureau of Wildlife Management director for the previous two years, became Special Assistant for CWD Response.

Laroche is a conservation veteran who has worked diligently on Pennsylvania’s evolving CWD plan.

Laroche directed the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife from 2003 to 2011 and has served on many state, regional and international committees that manage wildlife collaboratively. He earned his bachelor’s in wildlife management from the University of Maine, School of Forestry, and received his master’s in natural resources, from the Humboldt State University School of Natural Resources in Arcata, Calif.