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Richard Fritsky

Richard Fritsky is a Wildlife Diversity Biologist with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  He received an M.S. in Wildlife Science from Penn State University and a Bachelor’s in Economics from Rutgers University.  As a Diversity Biologist, Rich’s primary duty is to improve wildlife habitat for over 400 non-game bird and mammal species in Pennsylvania.  Currently he is also working on projects to band waterfowl, wild turkeys, bats, black bear, and barn owls.  Rich has worked as a Research Associate for the Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at Penn State University, as a Biological Technician for the U.S. Forest Service in the Routt National Forest in Colorado, and as the Wildlife Policy Intern for The Wildlife Society in Washington, D.C.  His past research includes designing protocols to assess the effects of deer browsing on forest regeneration and estimating changes in eastern cottontail populations on farms enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program.  He has assisted on projects involving species such as snowshoe hares, northern goshawks, ruffed grouse, and trout, among others.  He has also been an active member of The Wildlife Society since 2002.