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Molly Giles 

Molly Giles joined the Pennsylvania Game Commission in 2012 as a Wildlife Biologist in the Northeast Region.  Her primary responsibility is to survey and monitor migratory bird populations.  Molly spends much of her time trapping and banding Canada geese, ducks, and mourning doves, and performing various gamebird surveys.  Additionally, Molly is responsible for collecting deer harvest data and assisting with the operation of a bear check station.

Molly received a Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from California University of Pennsylvania.  She then went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology at Clemson University.  The title of her thesis was “Home range, habitat selection, and migratory pathways of Canada geese wintering at the Santee National Wildlife Refuge.”

Prior to working as a biologist for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Molly worked for many state, federal, and non-profit wildlife organizations throughout the country.  The research projects that she was involved in included: trapping and banding black ducks and other waterfowl species in Virginia, performing behavioral surveys and tracking radio-marked black ducks in Connecticut, determining food use and time/energy budgets of wintering Atlantic brant in New Jersey, estimating fisher population size and distribution in Pennsylvania, studying the nesting success and population dynamics of waterfowl and shorebirds in North Dakota, evaluating food availability for migratory waterfowl and sandhill cranes in Nebraska, and determining survival and nesting success of ring-necked pheasants in southwestern Pennsylvania.  Molly also worked as both an intern and a biologist’s aide for the Pennsylvania Game Commission performing tasks such as the trapping and banding of ducks and geese, sampling of hunter-harvested waterfowl for Avian Influenza, assisting with the trapping of nuisance black bears, tracking radio-collared black bears, and providing environmental education on various wildlife species and habitats.