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Dan Mummert

Dan Mummert is the Wildlife Diversity Biologist for the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Southeast Region. Before he began his current position in November of 2006, he served as the Wildlife Diversity Biologist for the Southcentral Region since the position was created in 2004. Dan’s primary professional objective is to conserve and monitor the region’s tremendous diversity of birds and mammals and provide guidance to private landowners on how they can better manage their land for species of concern and overall wildlife diversity.

Before joining the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Dan worked as a wildlife biologist on several diverse projects throughout the country where he studied: the affect of vineyard development on songbird populations in California; the affect of prescribed fire on small mammal, reptile, and amphibian populations in California; territorial competition between coyotes and kit fox in Utah; the affect of stream acidity on riparian songbirds in Western Pennsylvania; strategies for ridding parks of invasive plant species in Delaware; the importance of aspen stands to the reproductive success of songbirds in Northern Arizona; and monitoring avian diversity in tidal marshes throughout the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland.

Dan holds a bachelors degree in entomology from the University of Delaware and a Masters degree in forestry from Northern Arizona University.  For both of these, his area of concentration was wildlife biology and conservation.  As a Masters candidate, he worked on a reintroduction experiment using sandhill cranes as surrogates to establish methods of creating additional, disjunct populations of the endangered whooping crane.  He also conducted a study on how captive-reared sandhill cranes learn to survive in the wild in reintroduction experiments.  He has numerous peer-reviewed and popular publications and presentations to his credit.

Dan was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He enjoys hiking, birding, cooking, and training and competing in endurance races. He is an Ironman triathlete. Dan is married, has one daughter, and resides in Lititz, Lancaster County.