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Jeremy Stempka

Jeremy Stempka joined the Game Birds Section in 2013 and is based in Erie County. His primary responsibilities are to support and expand our statewide waterfowl research and management program. Jeremy works closely with our Waterfowl Specialist, Kevin Jacobs, to collect and analyze population survey, banding and habitat data and apply this information to harvest and habitat management. He also assists with development of a species management plan for waterfowl, and participates in cooperative projects with conservation organizations including other state and federal agencies to promote the stewardship of ducks, geese and swans in the Atlantic Flyway. Prior to holding this position, Jeremy served as a Game Lands Maintenance Worker in the Northwest Region since 2011. He also has several years of prior experience as a Game Commission biologist aide on projects involving waterfowl and other species. Jeremy earned a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Science at Penn State University and a Master of Science in Biology at the University of Western Ontario, where his master's thesis examined utilization of artificial nesting structures by mallards and wood ducks in northwest Pennsylvania and southern Ontario.