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DMAP Participating Properties



Qualified landowners participating in DMAP, receive a limited number of coupons that are available to hunters, who, in turn, may redeem them for a DMAP antlerless deer permit to hunt on the property for which they are issued. Hunters may use them during any established deer hunting season within the appropriate license year.

Click on this link for more information about DMAP on the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website.

Important Points

  • Landowners have the choice to hand out coupons to hunters. If landowners do not want to hand out coupons, hunters can purchase DMAP antlerless deer permits from license issuing agents or the Game Commission's website if they have the DMAP unit number (For example, State Forest DMAP areas).
  • Hunters must get DMAP antlerless deer permits from either a license-issuing agent or the Game Commission website. Coupons can not be redeemed via mail. Permits cost $10.90 for residents and $35.90 for nonresidents. The permit can be used to harvest one antlerless deer on the specific DMAP property.
  • Under no circumstances may an antlered deer be taken with a DMAP permit.
  • Landowners may not charge or accept any contribution from a hunter for a DMAP coupon.
  • Hunters may not obtain more than two DMAP permits per property. DMAP permits do not affect hunters eligibility to apply for and receive antlerless deer licenses issued for Wildlife Management Units (WMUs).
  • All DMAP antlerless deer permit holders are required to report, regardless of deer harvest success, by calling 1-855-PAHUNT1 (1-855-724-8681), using The Outdoors Shop or by sending in a postage-paid report card that can be found in the Hunting and Trapping Digest.