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Please Don't Feed

Pennsylvania’s wildlife resources face a variety of threats. These threats are often related to both natural and human-caused factors. As the state agency responsible for managing Pennsylvania’s wildlife, the Game Commission must mitigate these threats whenever possible.

Diseases like Chronic Wasting Disease, mange, and tuberculous have the potential to significantly affect wildlife populations. Though these diseases do spread naturally, their spread is significantly increased when wildlife is unnaturally concentrated. When people feed wildlife, they escalate this concentration. The Game Commission takes the threat of wildlife diseases very seriously and is prepared to take appropriate steps to mitigate wildlife diseases and their spread.

We encourage you to stop by and learn about this issue and offer comments at an upcoming open house.

07/18/20196:00pm - 8:00pm

PGC Northcentral Regional Office, 1566 PA-44,
Jersey Shore, PA 17740

07/23/20196:00pm - 8:00pm PGC Southeast Regional Office, 253 Snyder Rd,
Reading, PA 19605
07/24/20196:00pm - 8:00pm PGC Northeast Regional Office, 3917 Memorial Hwy,
Dallas, PA 18612
07/30/20196:00pm - 8:00pm Warren High School, 345 E. 5th Ave., Warren, PA 16365
07/31/20196:00pm - 8:00pm PGC Southcentral Regional Office, 8627 William Penn Hwy,
Huntingdon, PA 16652
08/07/20196:00pm - 8:00pm Delmont Fire Dept. 2360 PA-66, Delmont, PA 15626
08/08/20196:00pm - 8:00pm PGC Northcentral Regional Office, 1566 PA-44,
Jersey Shore, PA 17740

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