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Elk Cam Extras

We're glad you've joined us to learn about wildlife in Pennsylvania through this live stream brought to you by HDOnTap and the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission. Wildlife can, sometimes, be difficult to watch. Agency comments posted to the chat stream are consolidated below.

If you suspect unlawful activity:
Notify the Game Commission's Northcentral Region Office directly at 570-398-4744 if you believe there is unlawful activity taking place at the live stream location.

Going to the elk range?       
Learn how to be ELK SMART by following four simple and effective ways that all elk viewers can ensure wild essence of the elk herd remains for generations to come. Check out these Elk Viewing Destinations before your visit. Find hotels, restaurants and activities near the Pennsylvania elk range on the PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau website.

What am I looking at?
This is an undisclosed location on state game lands, managed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The area was planted with rye and brassicas this summer to benefit elk and other wildlife. Extremely dry conditions caused the planting to fail. The habitat crew over-seeded the field with wheat on Sept. 1. The field should green up in a few weeks and become a favorite spot for area elk.

Where is the camera?
The location of the camera is undisclosed to help discourage vandals, trespassing in the restricted area, wildlife disturbance, and violations of the privacy of nearby landowners and partners, any of which could understandably interfere with the live stream. We hope you will continue to respect the anonymity of the location in the future.

When is the best time to watch/listen?
Tune in one or two hours after dawn and one or two hours before dusk, when area wildlife tends to be most active. You can expect to see wild turkey, deer, ground hogs, and elk, among other wildlife. You'll also hear many types of birds, insects and possibly human voices. This area is closed to hunting, temporarily. You may hear gunfire from target shooting or small game hunting within range of the sensitive microphones. 

Where can I learn more about Pennsylvania elk?
Visit to find additional information about Pennsylvania elk.

2020 Season

Sept. 1: Camera went live and the field was over-seeded with wheat. Learn about the research the Game Commission is doing to find out what Pennsylvania elk prefer to eat in this 30-minute webinar: