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Field Officer Reports - July 14, 2017

Bradford County WCO Blake Barth reports a New York state resident recently was found guilty at trial after being charged in May for purchasing a Pennsylvania resident license.

Columbia County WCO Rick Deiterich reports citing an issuing agent for issuing a hunting license to an individual who had not taken the required Hunter-Trapper Education course. The individual wanted the license, instead of a range-use permit, so he could shoot at Game Commission shooting ranges stating, “the hunting license was cheaper than the permit.”

Sullivan County WCO Rick Finnegan reports that arrest warrants are pending against individuals who have not responded to citations for game-law violations in Sullivan County. “It is important to respond to a citation within 10 days,” said Finnegan.

Northumberland and Columbia counties WCO Jason Kelley reports encountering several individuals with range violations at the State Game Lands 58 shooting range in Columbia County.

Bradford County WCO Eric Kelly reports an increase in unlawful ATV traffic on State Game Lands 36.

Pike and Monroe counties WCO Mark Kropa reports a woman from Lackawaxen recently was cited for dumping tree branches and yard waste in a parking lot on State Game Lands 180. This spot has been used for the past few years as a dump for yard waste and construction material. Increased patrols and surveillance resulted in the charges being filed.

Susquehanna County WCO Ben Rebuck reports citing an individual for removing two deer fawns from the wild.

Susquehanna County WCO Mike Webb reports that the new hunting license year is upon us already, as the last few cases from the past year recently have been adjudicated in court.