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Field Officer Reports - June 16, 2017

Monroe County WCO Ryan Gildea reminds homeowners that, although the feeding of wildlife is generally not unlawful, if bears are becoming habituated to the supplemental food, the feeding must be discontinued.

Columbia County WCO Rick Deiterich reports that he issued warnings to individuals who failed to possess their hunting license or range use permit while target shooting at the State Game Lands 58 shooting range. He also issued warnings to hunters that failed to sign their hunting licenses while turkey hunting.

Northumberland County WCO Jason Kelley reports seeing very few spring gobbler hunters taking advantage of the game lands in the area.

Bradford County WCO Eric Kelly reports an individual from Ulster has been found guilty on multiple charges stemming from a road-hunting incident from rifle deer season.

Lackawanna County WCO Aaron Morrow reports that issues with hunter trespass were on the rise in Lackawanna County during the spring turkey season. Hunters are reminded to know where they are hunting at all times.

Lackawanna County WCO Jared Turner reports that an individual was cited on the opening day of spring gobbler season for hunting turkeys with a bolt-action rifle on State Game Lands 307 in Jermyn.

Montour County WCO Michael College reports he cited one individual for consuming and possessing alcohol on state game lands. If found guilty, the individual could face a sliding fine from $100 to $200.

Bradford County WCO Michael Goodenow reports an individual was cited for shooting a turkey from an ATV during the spring gobbler season. He faces three separate charges including, the unlawful taking of game; loaded firearms in vehicles; and hunting game through the use of a vehicle. Total fines could exceed $1,000 and the man faces possible license revocation.