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Our vision is to connect Pennsylvania residents to their state’s wildlife from anywhere. To achieve this, the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s award-winning Wildlife on WiFi program provides innovative online learning opportunities, virtual lessons and educational resources about wildlife and its conservation. 

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ACTIVITIES and LESSONS: Raptor Artistry Lesson (for grades 4-8) PDF; Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection Activity – Courtesy of Owl Brand Supply Company Inc. ; Barn Owl Box PlanKestrel Box Plan.

VIDEOS: Pennsylvania Game Commission biologist, Clay Lutz, bands barn owls to study their population and to take DNA samples. The Commission provides landowners with nest boxes if they have barn owl activity. This research is part of the Barn Owl Conservation Initiative. Video, 10:05; Join Pennsylvania Game Commission biologists From the Field as they band and discuss the purpose of banding young barn owls and American kestrels. Webinar, 1:23:35.

RESOURCES: Hawks and Falcons Wildlife NoteOwl Wildlife Note; Hawk Mountain's Pennsylvania Farmland Raptors Project.

Remote Learning Resources 

Explore more than 100 online and DIY wildlife lessons, activities, story time readings, videos and livestream animal webcams. Game Commission educators are also available for free virtual lessons! Wildlife on WiFi resources support Pennsylvania State Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology.

From the Field

Ever wonder what it is like to work with wildlife? From the Field allows you to explore the exciting work of scientists, game wardens, and other wildlife professionals. Check out other From the Field videos. Let us know what topics you'd like to see featured by emailing

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Additional Resources

Do you love wildlife? Check out the additional links and resources below from our friends in the conservation field for more activities, lessons, educational resources, and more.


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