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Wildlife on WiFi Virtual Learning Resources for Educators and Parents
Wildlife Activity Book

Hunter-Trapper Education

Hunter-Trapper Education
Successful Bowhunting
Successful Furtaking
Become an Instructor
Replacement Certification Cards
Today's Hunter & Trapper in Pennsylvania - Online Study Guide
Hunting - Related Shooting Incidents
Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC)

Special Events and Programs

Please check the Upcoming Events page for additional opportunities for educators.
Seedlings for Schools Program
Seedlings for Schools Teacher's Guide (PDF)
Seedlings for Schools Student Pages (PDF)
Seedling Care and Planting Directions 
Explore Bowhunting
National Archery in the Schools Program
Field Days


The Pennsylvania Envirothon competition allows high school students from all 67 counties the opportunity to learn about our natural resources through a combination of classroom learning and outdoor activities. Envirothon stations consist of aquatics, forestry, soils, wildlife and a current environmental topic that changes each year. The Pennsylvania Game Commission facilitates the wildlife portion of the contest. These three videos can help students to prepare for the wildlife portion of the contests.

Wildlife Study Session 1
Wildlife Study Session 2
Wildlife Study Session 3
Envirothon Dove Training Video
Dove Banding Key (PDF)
Mammal Skull Identification Video (24:53) Grades 6—12
Succession in Pennsylvania Forest Ecosystems (video 8:04)

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

To understand current processes of wildlife conservation, we must look back at how wildlife policy evolved in North America. Early European explorers found North America teeming with wildlife, seemingly boundless and unregulated. Hunters took bold and enduring action to save wildlife. Read more…

Self-Directed Curriculum at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Introduction Self-Directed Curriculum at Middle Creek (PDF)
Connect With Wildlife
Decoy Detective (PDF)
Feet Are Neat (PDF)
Let's Wing It!! (PDF)
Scatology (PDF)
Skull King (PDF)
The Nose Knows (PDF)
Wildlife Tracks (PDF)

Celebrating Pennsylvania Eagles and Elk

Resources and activities to supplement the Pennsylvania Bald Eagles: Celebrating 30 Years of Restoration and Pennsylvania Elk: Celebrating 100 Years films.

Educator's Guide to Celebrating Pennsylvania Bald Eagles and Elk (PDF)
Correlations to Pennsylvania state education standards (PDF)
Pennsylvania Bald Eagles: Celebrating 30 Years of Restoration film
Pennsylvania Elk: Celebrating 100 Years film
Pennsylvania Bald Eagles: Celebrating 30 Years of Restoration poster (JPG)
Pennsylvania Elk: Celebrating 100 Years poster (JPG)
Several images of eagles, other raptors, and elk
Pennsylvania Bald Eagle webpage
Pennsylvania Elk webpage

Kid's Corner

DIY: Build Your Own Bird's Nest (PDF)
Pennsylvania Wildlife Word Hunt (PDF)
Let’s wing it! (PDF)     Let’s wing it! Parent/Educator Guide (PDF)
Wildlife Nature Search (PDF)
How to make a bird feeder (PDF)
Bird Feeder Bingo! (PDF)
Do You Know Me? (PDF)
Can You Tell? (PDF)
Feet First (PDF)
Home Sweet Home (PDF)
Pennsylvania Wildlife Video
Wildlife Activity Book
Ten Things You Can Do for Wildlife