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They’re Back: Pennsylvania’s Bobwhite Quail Reintroduction​ 

Clock Icon.png​Published:​ Thursday, April 11,​ 2024.​​

After decades of extirpation and years of intensive habitat work, the Pennsylvania Game Commission released bobwhite quail on the grounds of Letterkenny Army Depot. Learn about this historic reintroduction and the future of the species in the Keystone State.​

Hibernation & Den Research: Q&A with a Black Bear Biologist

Clock Icon.png​Published:​ Tuesday, March 19,​ 2024.

Bear Cub Close up.pngEver wonder if bears really snooze through the entire winter season and how they survive for months without eating? Learn about all things bear dens and hibernation from the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s black bear biologist.  

Woodcrafting for Wildlife: Nest Boxes

Clock Icon.png ​Published: Tuesday, March 5,​ 2024.​

Nest boxes can provide safe places for a variety of birds to raise their young. Follow these tips for preparing your own nest box that could attract bluebirds, owls, or kestrels!

Pennsylvania NASP Hits the Mark with 100,000 Student Archers​

Clock Icon.png​Published: Tuesday, February​ 20,​ 2024.​

​Pennsylvania NASP has introduced hundreds of thousands of students to the sport of archery and created some of the top shooters in the Nat​ion. Find ​out why the program has been so successful and how one Pennsylvania team continues to lead the field.

Are There Mountain Lions in Pennsylvania?​ 

Clock Icon.png​Published: Wednesday, February​ 7,​ 2024.​

Mountain Lion.pngT​he Game Commission receives hundreds of reports of mountain lion sightings each year, but not a single one has resulted in the confirmed presence of a wild big cat in Pennsylvania. Learn about the history of this species in the Keystone State and what to do if you think you’ve spotted a mountain lion.

6 Best Things To Do on Pennsylvania State Game Land​s

Clock Icon.pngPublished: Wednesday, January 17,​ 2024.​

State Game Lands.jpgWhether you love to hike, watch wildlife, or simply spend your time outside, there’s plenty to experience on state game lands — even if you’re not a hunter. Here are the top hidden gems to explore on game lands throughout the Keystone State. 

​​Are There Feral Hogs in Pennsylvania?

Clock Icon.pngPublished: Wednesday, January 03, 2024.

Feral Hog.jpgLearn where wild hogs might currently exist in the state, what risks they pose,  and how the Pennsylvania Game Commission is working to eradicate this invasive species from the agency’s wildlife veterinarian.

​Winter Is for the Birds: Join the Christmas Bird Count!

Clock Icon.pngPublished: Monday, December 04, 2023.

Christmas Bird count.pngContribute to conservation this holiday season by participating in the Christmas Bird Count! Here’s what you need to know about this unique tradition, entering its 124th year.

3 Generations: 79-Year-Old Bags Bull with His Best Hunting Buddies

Clock Icon.pngPublished: Thursday, November 30, 2023.

3 Generations.png79-year-old Gary Cassel experienced the hunt of a lifetime when he harvested a 6x7 Pennsylvania bull with his son and grandson by his side. From months of preparation to an emotional walk up to his long-awaited trophy, these are the details of the heartwarming hunt. 

Creating Healthy Stream Crossings to Benefit All Wildlife

Clock Icon.pngPublished: Monday, November 20, 2023.

Lead photo - Jake Dingel.JPGThe Pennsylvania Game Commission is replacing culverts with bridges to allow waterways to flow naturally in the Northcentral portion of the state. Learn about the steps in the bridge-building process and why making this switch is critical to wildlife. 

Teriyaki Venison Tenderloin Stir-Fry Recipe

Clock Icon.pngPublished: Monday, November 13, 2023.

Looking for a simple yet flavorful slow cooker meal to use up some of that venison in your freezer? This versatile teriyaki recipe uses just a few ingredients but packs a punch that will please even the pickiest eaters in your family.