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White-tailed Deer.jpg Scientific Name: Odocoileus virginianus

Seasons and Bag Limits: 2022-23 Digest, Deer Section

White-Tailed Deer Wildlife Note

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Deer Hunting

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Antler Restrictions


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Chronic Wasting Disease
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Deer Health and Public Safety

Deer Biology

Where Does the Buck Stop? How habitat influences deer movements

Living with Whitetails

Deer Management

2022-23 Deer Population Report and Antlerless Allocations (PDF)
2021-22 Deer Population Report and  Antlerless Allocations (PDF)
2020-21 Deer Population Report and Antlerless Allocations (PDF)
Seeing the Whole Picture – Estimating Deer Harvests 

2022-23 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2021-22 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2020-21 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2019-20 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2018-19 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2017-18 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2016-17 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2015-16 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2014-15 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2013-14 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2012-13 Deer Harvest Estimates (PDF)
2009-18 White-Tailed Deer Management Plan(PDF)
Monitoring Deer Populations in Pennsylvania (PDF)
Effect of bait on deer harvest special regulation areas of Pennsylvania (PDF)
Citizen Input into Deer Management
An Evaluation of Deer Management Options (PDF)
Forest Habitats and Deer Deterrent Fencing
Deer Habitat Relationships
Wildlife Management Units

Research and Surveys


Annual Reports of the White-tailed Deer and Elk Section can be viewed in the  document library.

Whitetail Periodicals:Life and Times of the Whitetail Columns 

White-Tailed Deer