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Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

CLOSED - Middle Creek Visitors Center

The Middle Creek Visitors Center is closed due to building renovations. The center will reopen once major renovations are completed. This closure applies to the Visitors Center only; public access areas and trails remain open for public use and recreation.

NOTE: The Middle Creek Tour Route and Chapel Road is closed from October 1st to March 1st including foot and bicycle traffic. Weather permitting, the road will also be open on weekends in February during the snow goose migration.

Some of Middle Creek’s water impoundments (ponds and lakes) are currently being drawn down (water removed) to assist in creating shorebird and waterfowl foraging habitat. To learn more, please read more here.

To report violations at Middle Creek, please call the Visitors Center during open hours at 717-733-1512. If you are reporting a violation outside of normal business hours, please call the Southeast Region Office at 610-926-3136 or 610-926-3137.

Waterfowl Blind Check-In and Applications: Click Here

Maps, Trails and Checklists

Middle Creek Driving Tour Brochure and Map (PDF)  Audio Tour (mp3)
Middle Creek Hiking Trail Brochure and Map (PDF)
Middle Creek General Brochure and Map (PDF) 
Middle Creek Recreational Areas and Restricted Areas 
Wildflower Checklist (PDF)
Bird Checklist (PDF)

Activities, Events and Information

Middle Creek's Quarterly Newsletter (PDF) Email to subscribe!
Enjoy a Guided Walk of Conservation Trail with a Game Commission educator. (12:50)
Winter Duck Banding at Middle Creek is part of an international effort (blog post)
Self-directed Curriculum for Educators (K-12)
Middle Creek History 
Middle Creek Initiative 

2021 Art Show at Middle Creek: Cancelled due to Visitors Center renovations.

2021 National Hunting and Fishing Day: Sept. 26, 2021
2021 National Hunting and Fishing Day Flyer (PDF)

Conservation Heritage Museum

The Pennsylvania Conservation Heritage Museum will be attached to the north end of the existing Visitors Center at Middle Creek. With more than 100,000 visitors each year and the only Visitors Center the Game Commission owns, Middle Creek is the perfect location to showcase such an important story. The museum will feature artifacts dating back to the formation of the Game Commission and showcase the history of the agency through today. A variety of learning platforms, interactive displays, and hands on exhibits, will provide visitors with an understanding of conservation history in Pennsylvania, the role of the Game Commission, and actions they can take to further conservation in their lives.

With joint funding from the Conservation Officers of Pennsylvania, the Game Commission will bring the story of Pennsylvania's conservation history to life at Middle Creek. 

Conservation Heritage Museum Paver Order Form (PDF)
Conservation Heritage Museum Object Donation Form (PDF)

Boating at Middle Creek

Non-motorized boats can be used in the public recreation area from May 16 to Sept. 14. From Sept. 15–May 15, boating is prohibited. A boat launch can be accessed from “Stop 6” on the Tour Route. Call the Visitors Center for more information.

Please adhere to all buoys markers and stay in designated boating areas.

Contact Middle Creek

Visitors Center:
100 Museum Road
Stevens, PA  17578

Mailing Address:
Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area
P.O. Box 110
Kleinfeltersville, PA  17039

Directions to Middle Creek:

From Pennsylvania Turnpike Exit 286: Take Route 272 North for three miles. At the traffic light, turn left on Route 897. Follow Route 897 North for about 14 miles into the village of Kleinfeltersville. In Kleinfeltersville, make the first left after the stop sign (Hopeland Road). The Visitors Center will be on the right about 2 miles down Hopeland Road.

From Pennsylvania Turnpike Exit 266: Take Route 72 North about 4-5 Miles to Route 419 North. Follow Route 419 North for approximately 7 miles to Route 897 in Schaefferstown. Follow Route 897 South for about 2 miles to Kleinfeltersville. Turn right on Hopeland Road in Kleinfeltersville. The Visitors Center will be on the right about 2 miles down Hopeland Road.