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About Explore Bowhunting

Explore Bowhunting is a curriculum that teaches students about hunting in their classrooms. With more than 20 activities to choose from, students will learn a variety of skills that will not only help them become better hunters but develop an overall appreciation for wildlife and nature.

The Archery Trade Association created this curriculum with the educator in mind. Easy-to-follow lesson plans, an overflowing equipment kit, media packets and more make this curriculum fun for both the students and the teachers instructing. Review sample lesson plans below to see the fun that awaits you and your students and watch a short video clip on the curriculum.

Sample of Explore Bowhunting Lesson Plans (PDF)
Watch Explore Bowhunting in action

Getting Started

The Pennsylvania Game Commission partnered with the Archery Trade Association to bring Explore Bowhunting to Pennsylvania. Explore Bowhunting is the perfect compliment to the Pennsylvania National Archery in the Schools Program and Pennsylvania's Basic Hunter-Trapper Education course. The Pennsylvania Game Commission will work with schools so that your students can learn all the skills necessary to become a hunter in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission will host short workshops to introduce instructors to the curriculum and then, as funding allows, help schools to purchase equipment kits and curriculum books to fully implement the program in their classrooms. If you are from the:

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