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Virtual Field Trips

No permission slip required! Hit the road, virtually, with the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Join us on a guided trail hike, tour an agency building, or explore state game lands, all without getting your shoes dirty. 

Middle Creek Tour Road Experience

Join Middle Creek staff for a virtual experience on Middle Creek's 6-mile wildlife drive.

Pennsylvania's Conservation Heritage Museum

Take a look at Pennsylvania’s Conservation Heritage Museum, which was recently built as an addition to the existing Visitor’s Center at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Lancaster County. Join us on a virtual tour of the museum to celebrate Pennsylvania’s rich and storied wildlife conservation heritage!

Middle Creek Visitor Center

Join Middle Creek Manager Lauren Ferreri for a virtual tour of the Visitors Center at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. Learn about the special adaptions of bird beaks and feet; tracks and signs of common wildlife at Middle Creek; how animal teeth differ depending on what the animal eats; manmade bird nesting structures; how biologists count thousands of snow geese; and take an up close look at the many waterfowl species that visit Middle Creek each year, pelts of different Pennsylvania mammals and bird nests and eggs of all sizes.

Howard Nursery

Join us on a tour of the Game Commission’s Howard Nursery with the agency’s Forest Nursery Manager. Tour the grounds to see where the bird boxes and other wildlife homes are made and seedlings for wildlife habitat are grown.

Middle Creek's Willow Point Trail

Take a virtual trip down the easy, 0.4-mile, paved path to Willow Point with Middle Creek staff. Learn a bit about Middle Creek history, snow geese, tundra swans and the important role Middle Creek plays as a stopover for migrating waterfowl.

Middle Creek's Conservation Trail

Take a virtual trip on this moderate 1.4-mile loop from the Visitors Center, up to a ridge with a scenic view of the lake below, through forest, field and wetlands. Learn about the habitats you pass through on the trail and the wildlife that lives there.

Wildlife on WiFi

Our vision is to connect Pennsylvania residents to their state’s wildlife from anywhere. To achieve this, the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s award-winning Wildlife on WiFi program provides innovative online learning opportunities, virtual lessons and educational resources about wildlife and its conservation.


Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence