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​​Falconry - Glossary of Terms

Aylmeri jesses: A modern variant of the restraints used to control raptors. The Aylmeri jess consists of three parts: 1) anklets, bracelets or cuffs, which are fitted around the hawk's tarsus, 2) mews jesses with a swivel slit, which are fitted whenever the hawk is tethered, and 3) slitless field jesses, which are fitted whenever the hawk is flown free. Aylmeris are required by law.

Bal-chatri: A cage like trap used to trap raptors for use in falconry.

Bath Pan: A container a raptor can use for drinking and bathing.

Bells: Small bells, usually of brass, nickel or stainless steel. The bells alert the falconer to the bird's location in the field.

Bewits: Straps of leather by which the bells or transmitter are fastened to a hawk's legs.

Bownet: A trap made of a semicircular bar of light tubular aluminum or wood used for trapping a raptor.

Creance: A light line attached to the jesses of a partially trained hawk before it is allowed to fly free.

Eyass: Two meanings: 1) a young raptor; or 2) a raptor acquired from a nest.

Eyrie: The hawk's nest, or place where the eggs are laid if she has not built a proper nest.

Falconry: The taking of wild quarry in its natural state and habitat, using trained birds of prey.

Gauntlet/Glove: A heavy leather glove worn by the falconer.

Hood: A leather covering placed over a hawk's head to help keep it calm and reduce stress.

Jesses: See Aylmeri jesses.

Leash: A strong thong, usually of leather or nylon, with a knot or button at one end, used to secure a hawk.

Lure: An instrument used for calling falcons or hawks, usually garnished with meat for the hawk or falcon.

Mew: A facility or building for keeping a hawk.

Passager: A raptor that was taken from the wild in the fall of its first year, or a wild raptor that has not yet molted into its adult plumage.

Scale: A device used to help determine weight of hawks or falcons used in falconry.

Swivel: A piece of hardware used between the leash and jesses (or jess extender) that keeps the leash and jesses from tangling while the bird is tethered.

Telemetry: Electronic gear for tracking wayward raptors. Consists of a transmitter that is attached to the falconry bird, and a receiver that is carried by the falconer.

Weathering: The placement of a falconer's bird into an open yet protected environment.