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Pennsylvania Junior Pheasant Hunt Program

Central Susquehanna Wild Pheasant Recovery Area Youth Hunt

The Pennsylvania Game Commission and Pheasants Forever celebrate the return of wild pheasant hunting to Pennsylvania. Through years of dedicated habitat improvement and research, the Wild Pheasant Recovery Area program has successfully restored huntable numbers of wild pheasants to farmland in Northumberland and Montour counties. The 4th annual wild pheasant youth hunts will be held on Saturday, November 7 and Saturday, November 14. You are invited to complete the application below for a chance to be drawn for a permit to participate in one of these two hunts (each successful applicant will be randomly assigned to one of the two hunt days). To be eligible for this drawing you must be between the ages of 12 and 16, and have a valid Junior Hunting License with a Junior Pheasant Permit. Once the drawing is completed, successful applicants will be notified and further coordination concerning the hunt will take place. A successful applicant will be assigned a hunt mentor to assist in ensuring safety as well as guiding the permittee. Each permittee should be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian to observe and share in the experience. Closing date for applications is Sunday, September 20 with a drawing date of Tuesday, September 22. Successful applicants will be notified by close of business on Friday, September 25.

Instructional Junior Pheasant Hunt Events

These are special hunting opportunities for junior hunters between 12 and 16 years of age, who have successfully completed a basic Hunter-Trapper Education course. Each year, sponsoring sportsmen's organizations from around the state host these instructional events. Hunting licenses are not required; participants must register and wear the necessary amount of fluorescent orange and be accompanied by an adult.

Register for a hunt

If your sportsmen's organization is interested in hosting an event, contact for more information and download our Junior Pheasant Hunt Planning Guide (PDF) to help you to plan your hunting event.

Junior Pheasant Hunt Season - Statewide

The Game Commission provides 15,000 birds for the youth pheasant hunt season each year. Junior hunters do not need a hunting license but must have successfully completed a Hunter-Trapper Education course. A FREE Junior Pheasant Hunting Permit (available online and at license vendors) is required to participate in the pheasant season for all junior hunters.

View the Junior Pheasant Season stocking locations (PDF).