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Pennsylvania Big Game Records


The Game Commission bases its Big Game Scoring Program after, and uses the measuring system of, the well known Boone & Crockett Club. The Boone and Crockett Club was founded in 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt and a group of his close friends. Due to the Club's efforts to promote fair chase hunting and implement game laws and regulations, many big game animals were brought back from the verge of extinction. Scoring and keeping track of big game animals is important because harvesting a record book animal brings to attention the excellence of habitat and wildlife management practices that produce healthy wildlife populations. The scoring program also stresses hunter and conservation ethics, and is another tool that promotes recreational hunting and supports Pennsylvania's strong hunting heritage.

The categories and minimum scores for inclusion in Pennsylvania's book are: Typical White-tailed Deer Firearm, 140-0/8; Typical White-tailed Deer Archery, 115-0/8; Nontypical White-tailed Deer Firearm, 160-0/8; Nontypical White-tailed Deer Archery, 135-0/8; Black Bear Firearm, 19-0/16; Black Bear Archery, 17-0/16; Typical Elk Firearm, 300-0/8; Typical Elk Archery; 200-0/8; Nontypical Elk Firearm, 325-0/8; Nontypical Elk Archery, 275-0/8.

To enter a big game animal or for more information about the Game Commission's Big Game Records Program, contact Boone & Crockett Club certified scorer and coordinator of Pennsylvania's program Bob D'Angelo at or call the Game Commission Harrisburg Headquarters, 717-787-4250.

Pennsylvania Big Game Record System

In the Book? Get the Patch!

Big-game hunters who are listed in the Pennsylvania records book will want to bag a new patch recognizing their membership in this exclusive fraternity. The patch, which features a bull elk, bear and buck on a Keystone State outline, was designed by well-known graphic designer Mark Anderson. This stunning Game Commission patch, available only to those trophy owners who have a listing in the record book, is sure to become a highly collectible and coveted item. It will look great framed with your score sheet, or tucked within the pages of your record book. Patches are $9.43, plus shipping, plus 6% state sales tax added to order. Funds from the sale of these patches will be used to support the Big Game Scoring Program, including enabling the holding of periodic scoring sessions. To order call 1-888-888-3459.

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