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Antlerless Deer Licenses & Applications

April 10, 2021; THREE-LICENSE LIMIT FOR ANTLERLESS DEER HUNTERS LIFTED: Hunters statewide now have the opportunity to apply for and receive additional antlerless deer licenses, as long as those licenses remain available, and provided that a hunter holds no more than six unfilled antlerless licenses at a time.

Fillable antlerless application form (PDF) Completed forms must be mailed in an official pink envelope, available at any issuing agent.
Landowner Antlerless Application (PDF)
Affidavit for a Lost Antlerless License (PDF)

2022 Application Schedule

One application per hunter per round. Up to two applications per hunter in the unsold, first round, if hunter did not receive license in the regular first round. Up to three applications per hunter in second round unsold, if hunter did not receive license in the previous rounds. Mentored permit holders may obtain only one antlerless license.

By mail only, until over-the-counter sales begin.
All mailed-in antlerless deer license applications must be sent in the official pink envelope. Hunters may submit only one application per hunter per round. But up to three applicants can submit using the same envelope.

  • July 11      Residents
  • July 18      Nonresidents
  • Aug. 1       Unsold,1st Round
  • Aug. 15     Unsold, 2nd Round

Over-the-Counter Sales in WMUs where licenses remain.
Over-the-counter sales are sold through county treasurer offices. Licenses may be obtained in person or by mail

  • Sept. 12

Personal Antlerless Deer License Limit: All hunting license holders (a mentored permit is not a hunting license) may now apply for and obtain up to six antlerless deer licenses before the start of hunting seasons, for any WMU in which licenses remain available. Hunters statewide are limited to holding six antlerless deer licenses at a time. A hunter with six antlerless deer licenses, may apply for additional licenses, if available, as they harvest deer and report them. Hunters who report harvests online through or call to the Customer Support line (800-838-4431) instantly become eligible to purchase another license, if any are available. Those reporting by mail will not be eligible.

Doe License Availability

2022-23 Antlerless deer license quotas and availability may be viewed online at under the Antlerless Deer Quota tab.

To check the status of an Antlerless Deer License Application:

WATCH: How To Check The Status Of An Antlerless Deer License Application On HuntFishPA

Successful applicants will receive their antlerless deer licenses after the 2nd Monday in September. Hunters should call the county treasurer who issued the license if they don't receive their license in the mail. Hunters can check their application status by logging onto selecting Purchase History. Then, open the current license year and search for the antlerless deer license. Only successful application for an antlerless deer license will display. Unsuccessful applications will be returned via mail to the hunter.


I haven't received my license yet:

Successful applicants will receive their antlerless deer licenses after the 2nd Monday in September.

Who to contact with questions about your application or license:

Please contact the County Treasurer that processed your license with specific inquiries about your application or Antlerless Deer License.

Replacement of lost antlerless license

Visit any County Treasurer's office to be issued a replacement license. Cost of replacement is $6.97.