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Frequently Asked License Questions

Q: What is a CID?
A: A CID is your Customer Identification Number. When purchasing a license through the Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS), you will be assigned a nine-digit CID that will be printed on your license. Your CID is your permanent identification number in PALS and identifies you in the PALS database. Please retain this number for future license purchases or hunter identification.

Q: Where can I purchase a hunting/trapping license or permit?

A: Hunting & Trapping Licenses & Permits may be purchased from participating sales agent locations PGC Agent Locator or online at Base hunting licenses purchased online are mailed to customers within 7-10 business days. Digital licenses are available immediately after completing an online transaction; however, you must have a physical harvest tag printed on the official durable stock if you intend to hunt any game species that requires a harvest tag.

Q: Who do I contact if I haven't received my license or permit in the mail within 10 business days, or have questions pertaining to my online license purchase?

A: You may contact our vendor by calling 1-800-838-4431

Q: How long is my hunting or furtaker license good for?
A: Licenses are valid from July 1st – June 30th   of the following year.

Q: If I lose my license, what can I do?
A: You may purchase a replacement license from any issuing agent or on-line. Using your CID, SSN, or driver's license number, the issuing agent will access your record in the database to verify the license privileges you have on file. Lost antlerless deer licenses may be replaced only by County Treasurers. Please refer to the Digest or the "Antlerless Deer License" section on this website for special instructions.

Q: Do I need my physical hunting license or my receipt while hunting?

A: No, digital licenses may be carried afield as an alternative to carrying certain paper licenses.  Harvest tags are required to be issued in physical form on durable stock. Deer, bear, elk and turkey under transport, including those taken outside of Pennsylvania, must have an appropriate tag completed and attached.  

Q: I don't have a driver's license, can I still purchase a resident hunting or furtaker license?
A: Yes, however, you will have to present some other form of positive identification verifying residency, such as current receipts documenting payment of Pennsylvania state or local personal income tax. For Junior License Applicants who are too young to drive, the parent or legal guardian who signs the application must present proof of residency.

Q: Can issuing agents access my personal information in the PALS database? Is my personal information secure?

A: License issuing agents have very limited access to information in the PALS database and only use this information for the purpose of issuing a hunting license. Your SSN cannot be viewed. There are many layers of security built into HuntFishPA to ensure that all licensee information is protected and kept confidential. In addition, the Game and Wildlife Code prohibits all license-issuing agents from disclosing license information in any manner.

Q: Do I have to show my SSN card to purchase a hunting or furtaker license for the first time?
A: No. You may enter your own SSN securely using the agent's pin-pad. The only time you would need to enter your SSN again is if you don't have or can't remember your CID when renewing your license.

Q: I'm a couple of months behind in paying child support. Does this mean I am automatically barred from buying a hunting or furtaker license?
A: No. A court-order is required to prohibit the issuance of a hunting/furtaker license or to suspend an existing license. You should receive notice before your hunting/furtaker privileges are affected. If you believe you have been denied a license in error, please contact the Game Commission's Bureau of Wildlife Protection directly at (717) 787-4024.

If you have further questions about licenses, please contact the Hunting License Division by telephone at 717-787-2084 or by fax at 717-705-1628. Offices are open Monday through Friday (except state holidays) 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Q:  Where can I purchase a Disabled Permit or Permit to use a vehicle as a blind?

A: Contact the Bureau of Wildlife Protection by calling 717-783-8164 or accessing the application under the Hunt/Trap tab, then Licensing & Permits.

Q:  What privileges are included when purchasing a Junior or Senior Combination License?

A: General small game hunting, archery, muzzleloader and furtaker privileges are included in the combination license.  This is true for both Junior and Senior Lifetime License holders. Disabled Veteran Licenses are not considered combination licenses.

Q:  My child just turned 12 and I'm unable to purchase the Mentored Junior Permit, why?

A: The mentored permit can only be purchased for 3 license years, if your child has had more than 3 Mentored Youth Permits and has now reached the age of 12, they cannot purchase another, and is required to take an approved Hunter-Education Course.

Q: At what age am I eligible to purchase a Senior Lifetime License?

A: You must be at least 65 years of age before June 30th of the current license year.

Q: I'm a Senior Lifetime License holder, am I required to purchase the Pheasant Permit?

A: Hunters who purchased either a Senior Lifetime Hunting or Senior Lifetime Combination License prior to May 13, 2017, are eligible to hunt pheasant without purchasing the Pheasant Permit. Those who purchased their lifetime license after this date will need to purchase the Pheasant Hunting Permit to participate. A Senior Lifetime license will indicate "Pheasant Eligible" on the second panel of the license indicating no additional purchase is necessary.

Q:  Who can Disabled Veterans and Active-Duty Military Personnel contact concerning free, reduced, and guaranteed licenses?

A: You can contact your local County Treasurer's Office or any Pennsylvania Game Commission Office.

Q: Can I access the Pa State Game Land Shooting Ranges with my hunting or furtaker license?

A: Yes, you can also bring up to one guest per license holder.

Q: My name has changed; how can I update my HuntFishPA account to reflect that? Do I need to purchase a new license?

A: For name changes, you reach out to the PGC License Division directly at (717) 787-2084 or by emailing There is no need to get a new license. Once we update your profile, the changes will reflect immediately, and the change history will be available to law enforcement.  

Q: I have a complaint and I would like to make my concern known, how would I do so?

A: If it is a licensing issue, you can email All other questions or comments may be directed to or calling 717-787-4250, Mon-Fri 7:45 am-4:00 pm.

Frequently Asked Antlerless Questions

Q: Doe License Availability

A: Antlerless deer license availability can be viewed at by clicking the Antlerless Deer Quota link at the top of the page.

Q: How can I check the status of my Antlerless Application?

A: You can check your application status by logging into and selecting purchase history and selecting the current license year to check for awarded antlerless deer licenses. Only successful applications for an antlerless deer license will display. Successful applicants should receive their antlerless deer licenses after the 2nd Monday in September. Unsuccessful applications will be returned via mail to the hunter. If your awarded license has not arrived in the mail, please reach out to the County Treasurer that issued the license.

Q: If I lose my Antlerless Deer License Application that came with my general hunting license, what can I do?

A: You may use the Antlerless Deer License Application included in the Hunting & Trapping Digest, or any other printed  or copied version of the application would be accepted.  Either application form is valid regardless of when the applicant applies for the license. HuntFishPA automatically tracks allocations and monitors personal license limits, so that hunters are not issued more antlerless deer licenses than they are entitled to. Each application requires an original signature.

Q: When can I mail in my antlerless application?

A: Applications for Residents will start being accepted on the second Monday in July.  Non-residents will be accepted on the third Monday in July.  Applications are required to be mailed to the County Treasurer of your choice. County Treasurer addresses can be found in the Hunting and Trapping Digest, under the antlerless tab.  Any applications that are mailed to the PGC Headquarters or Regional Offices will be rejected and returned to the sender.

Q:  Can I transfer an Antlerless Deer License to a Junior Hunter?

A:  No, licenses cannot be transferred between licensed hunters.  You may only transfer an antlerless tag from a licensed hunter to a mentored hunter under the age of 7. Mentored Hunters may now apply for and receive one antlerless tag. Licensed junior hunters can apply for antlerless licenses and are subject to the same personal license limits as adult license holders.

Q: Why can't I purchase antlerless deer tags online?

A: State law currently mandates that the Pennsylvania Game Commission utilizes County Treasurers only in the antlerless license distribution process. If you'd like to see that process changed, contact your local state representative, and let them know your thoughts on the current process and how you would like to see it changed.