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Licensing FAQs


What is a CID?
A CID is a customer identification number. When you purchase a license through PALS, the system will assign you a nine-digit CID that will be printed on your license. Your CID is your permanent identification number in PALS and identifies you in the database. To speed the issuance process, please use this number each year when applying for a general license.

If I lose the antlerless deer license application that came with my general hunting license, what do I do?
You may use the antlerless deer license application form in the Digest or available elsewhere on this site. Either type of application form is valid regardless of when the applicant applies for an antlerless deer license. PALS automatically tracks allocations and monitors personal license limits so hunters are not issued more antlerless deer licenses than they are entitled to. Either type of application may be copied, but an original signature on the application is required.

If I lose my license, what do I do?
You may purchase a replacement license from any issuing agent or on-line. Using your CID or SSN, the issuing agent will access your record in the database to verify the license privileges you have on file. Lost antlerless deer licenses may be replaced only by County Treasurers. Please refer to the Digest or the "Antlerless Deer License" section on this website for special instructions.

I don't have a driver's license, can I still buy a resident hunting or furtaker license?
Yes however, you will have to present some other form of positive identification verifying residency, such as current receipts documenting payment of Pennsylvania state or local personal income tax. For junior license applicants who are too young to drive, the parent or legal guardian who signs the application must present proof of residency.

Can issuing agents access my personal information in the PALS database? Is my personal information secure in this system?
License issuing agents have very limited access to the PALS database and only for the purpose of issuing or replacing a license. Your SSN cannot be viewed. There are many layers of security built into PALS to insure that all licensee information is protected and kept confidential. In addition, the Game and Wildlife Code prohibits all license-issuing agents from disclosing license information in any manner, and no issuing agent has ever been accused of or cited for illegal disclosure of license information.

Do I have to show my SSN card to buy a hunting or furtaker license?
No. You may enter your own SSN securely using the PALS VeriFone device or pin-pad. The only time you would need to enter your SSN again is if you don't have or can't remember your CID when renewing your license.

I'm a couple of months behind in paying child support. Does this mean I am automatically barred from buying a hunting or furtaker license?
No. A court-order is required to prohibit the issuance of a hunting or furtaker license or to suspend an existing license. You should receive notice before your hunting and furtaker privileges are affected. Of course, the best way to avoid problems with your hunting license or other licenses (including your driver's license) is to get yourself up to date on your child support. If you believe you have been denied a license in error, please contact the Game Commission's Bureau of Wildlife Protection directly at (717) 787-4024.

If you have further questions about licenses, please contact the Hunting License Division by telephone at 717-787-2084 or by fax at 717-705-1628. Offices are open Monday through Friday (except state holidays) 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

If you have questions or complaints on enforcement of the required collection of social security numbers (one-time only through PALS), contact the Bureau of Wildlife Protection at 717-783-6526.