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Snowmobile Trails - Northcentral Region


SGL 25 - Elk County

Closed for the year.

11 miles - Shawmut Grade, vicinity of St. Marys, from Wilson Road (Twp. Route 406) north, terminating at game lands boundary.

SGL 33 Centre County

12 miles - From Twp. Route 322 to Twp. Route 575

SGL 59 Potter and McKean counties

This designated snowmobile trail begins at a SGL 59 Parking Lot #11 on Lilibridge Road in McKean County (Annin Twp., T428). The trail follows the administrative road behind the gate for approximately 0.5 miles to the game lands boundary. This trail continues across the boundary onto Forestland Group timber property snowmobile trail. Gate to boundary distance 0.5 miles.

SGL 61 McKean County

6.4 miles - Old Stagecoach Road, southwest of Port Allegany, from Twp. Route 377 at the western boundary to the eastern boundary on the Skinner Creek Road, LR 42030. Also a spur trail from the main trail to the boundary in the vicinity of Tannery Hollow, Twp. Route 488. Also an extension of approximately 1,200 feet on the old railroad grade near the southeast corner of the

SGL 64 Potter County

This designated route is an administrative road beginning next to Meeker/Stony Lick Road (Pike Twp., T438) at State Game Lands 64 Parking Lot #9. Travel around brown gate on the gravel road for 1.4 miles to Bristol Pond. Follow signs across the dam and continue on the administrative road for 1.2 miles, bear left at the log landing and continue 0.5 miles to the brown gate at the intersection of Ansley Road and State Game Lands 64 Parking Lot #13. Continue left on Ansley Road for 0.7 miles to exit the game lands. Gate to gate distance 3.1 miles.

SGL 75 Lycoming County

Permanently Closed.

SGL 89 Clinton County

10 miles - In the vicinity of Haneyville, from the parking lot located on the Hazard Road off State Route 664, south on the Hazard Road to the game lands parking lot near Farrandsville off the Farrandsville Road.

SGL 90Clearfield County

9 miles - A through trail from Kennedy Preserve Road to McGeorge Road, including a link to Big Ridge Trail connecting with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources complex of trails.

SGL 103 Centre County

8 miles - A trail on State Game Lands No 103, the entire length of Snow Shoe Road, locally known as Birchlick Road, approximately 8 miles from Route 144 near Snow Shoe to Route 504 near Black Moshannon.

SGL 204 Potter County

Route 1 – This trail begins at the brown gate on the west side of Moffit Rd (Hebron Twp., T336) near SGL 204 Parking Lot #08. This is a connector trail that continues through the gate on a game lands administrative road for 0.7 miles to the game lands boundary. Gate to boundary distance 0.7 miles.

SGL 204 Potter County

Route 2 – This trail begins on Castle Hollow Rd (Hebron Twp., T334) at the intersection with the Tennessee Gas Pipeline. Cross the bridge and travel west on the pipeline and travel 0.1 mile then yield left off the pipeline onto a logging trail. Travel 0.5 miles to the intersection with the pipeline again, then turn left to continue on the pipeline for 0.6 mile. Turn left at the game lands road intersection and travel 0.5 mile following the signs. At the second game lands road intersection, turn right and travel down the hollow for about 1.1 miles to the game lands boundary in Clara Twp..

SGL 331 Clearfield County

5 miles - A trail on and adjacent to an existing gas pipeline. From the parking lot at the main entrance off North Continental Drive to a parking lot at the intersection of Colbey Road and Johnston Road connecting with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources complex of trails.