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Field Reports - September 13, 2019

Northumberland County Game Warden Derek Spitler reports that an individual pleaded guilty recently to the unlawful killing of an antlerless deer last season in Rush Township. He received an antlerless harvest tag that belonged to his friend after killing the deer. His friend also received a citation and pleaded guilty for providing the tag.

Monroe County Game Warden Praveed Abraham reports filing charges against a man found riding an ATV on State Game Lands 129.

Monroe County Game Warden Praveed Abraham advises people to properly secure their trash, take down birdfeeders and feed pets indoors to reduce bear conflicts.

Columbia County Game Warden Rick Deiterich reports an increased use of the newly refurbished shooting range at State Game Lands 58 in Mifflin Township. Shooters are claiming the need to get out early to sight in their firearms.

Wayne County Game Warden Adriel Douglass reports that deer and turkey populations are thriving in Wayne County and that he is seeing deer with broad racks and large flocks of turkeys.

Luzerne County Game Warden Justin Faus reports that a recent ATV patrol on Hunter Access property near Hazleton resulted in three violations and an individual being transported to Bucks County Correctional Facility on a bench warrant.

Pike County Game Warden Patrick Sowers reports euthanizing a bear that posed a danger to the public. People were feeding the bear for years, resulting in the bear losing its fear of people. The bear broke into occupied homes and vehicles and was acting aggressively. Sowers reminds people that feeding bears is illegal.

Montour and Northumberland counties Game Warden Jared Turner reports an incident of night hunting with a spotlight in the area of Gearhart Road, near Watsontown, late the evening of Aug. 23. Anyone with information is asked to call the Northeast Region Office at (570) 675-1143.

Susquehanna County Game Warden Mike Webb reports that the public can cut down on wildlife crimes by reporting violations to their nearest Game Commission region office.