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April 9, 2020: State Game Lands "CCC" Camp To Be Recognized With Monument

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Public Shooting Ranges in the Noartheast Region

Field Reports - April 12, 2021

Lackawanna County Game Warden Jonathan Bowman reminds residents that bears are leaving their dens and becoming active this time of the year. Bowman advises people to keep garbage inside or in a safe place until it is time to be picked up.

Lackawanna County Game Warden Jonathan Bowman urges people to contact the nearest Game Commission region office if they witness wildlife that is sick or injured.

Columbia County Game Warden Justin Faus reports filing nine citations against two individuals who were shooting at the State Game Lands 58 shooting range near Mifflinville. Both were shooting melons with shotguns loaded with birdshot. These individuals caused extensive damage to the backstops at the range which had to be replaced by Wildlife Habitat Management personnel.

Sullivan County Game Warden Rick Finnegan reports that several arrest warrants have been activated after defendants did not respond to citations that were filed. “Some of these issues could have been avoided had defendants ensured the addresses on their hunting and driving licenses were updated,” said Finnegan.

Susquehanna County Game Warden Ben Rebuck reports investigating two incidents involving domestic dogs chasing deer.

Pike County Game Warden Patrick Sowers reports filing charges against a man for deer poaching. The defendant is accused of killing eight deer unlawfully, with five being killed outside of legal seasons and beyond bag limits. The defendant was caught when he was recorded on a doorbell camera while shooting two deer with a crossbow that were standing in the driveway of a home. Other deer were discovered in the defendant’s possession. The man faces charges that could result in jail time, heavy fines and lengthy periods of hunting license revocation.