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Field Reports - March 1, 2019

Clarion County Game Warden Steven J. Ace reports that, at the end of a recent cold snap, he saw many different animals out and about, enjoying the warmer weather. He also saw tracks of other animals, including a small bear.

Crawford County Game Warden Mark A. Allegro reports that, among the many violations investigated over the past few months, road-hunting and safety zone violations seem to have been more frequently reported than in years past. Similar violations on by various groups of coyote hunters have continued into 2019. Anyone witnessing illegal, unsafe hunting methods is encouraged to report them to their nearest Game Commission Region Office.

Venango County Game Warden Jason R. Amory reports that an individual recently was cited for failing to tag his traps with a durable trap tag that included his name and address or a number issued by the Game Commission. Furthermore, one of the traps he used had been stolen and another contained an illegible tag.

Clarion and Jefferson counties LMGS Jesse N. Bish reports that an Allegheny County man pleaded guilty to hunting in a baited area and various license violations during the regular rifle deer season.

Jefferson County Game Warden Roger A. Hartless reports that a lot of turkeys have been observed lately along some plowed rural roads. As snow plows push back the edges of these roads, the expose grit, as well as food sources like acorns and green vegetation that turkeys feed on. Turkeys often are hesitant to leave a plowed road and venture into deep snow, so anyone encountering turkeys on or along a road should slow down and give the turkeys some extra time to get off the road.

Warren County Game Warden Eric M. McBride reports that beaver trappers should be cautious of otters while trapping. One trapper caught two incidental otters in the same day while trapping near Corry.

Jefferson County Game Warden Andrew D. Troutman reports checking a squirrel hunter during the flintlock muzzleloader season. He did not have his hunting license with him. The hunter said he had harvested a buck and a doe earlier that year and reported the harvests as required by law. After it became clear he lied about reporting the deer harvests, the decision was made to cite the hunter, rather than warn him, for not possessing his license while hunting.