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August 10, 2020: Jacob Olexsak promoted to Conservation Administration Supervisor
August 10, 2020: Jason Amory Promoted To Information And Education Supervisor
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Public Shooting Ranges in the Northwest Region

Field Reports - June 21, 2019

Crawford County SGW Mark Allegro reports he recently filed charges on a woman that killed a sub-legal antlered deer during the firearms deer season but failed to report the killing. The woman stated that she was not aware of the antler restriction regulations when she shot the deer. She did say that on the following day, a relative informed her that the deer she shot was not legal. Rather than report the mistake kill, she decided to keep the deer.

Clarion/Jefferson Counties LMGS Jesse Bish reports that 364 acres of grasses have been treated with prescribed fire this spring in Clarion and Jefferson County.

Crawford County LMGS Chris Deal reports that recently, members of Land management Group 6 had to remove four dump-truck loads of garbage from SGL 101. The dumping issue is being investigated. Sportsmen are encouraged to help the PGC keep an eye out for those that abuse the Commonwealth's game-lands. The money spent to remove and dispose of the garbage was earmarked for other projects that would have directly benefitted the area's wildlife and hunters. Now the money must be used to clean up another person's mess. Not only did the individuals break the law by dumping the garbage there, but they stole monetary resources from true sportsmen.

Lawrence County SGW Byron Gibbs reports that a Lawrence County man was charged for damaging a trap set by nuisance wildlife control operator who was attempting to catch a suspected sick raccoon in a residential community in Neshannock Twp.

Lawrence County SGW Byron Gibbs reports that a Lawrence County couple was charged for dumping bags of trash along the Slippery Rock Creek.

Lawrence County SGW Byron Gibbs reports that multiple people were charged for abandoning their tree stands on State Game Lands after the season. Tree stands are seized and may be returned after the charges are adjudicated. Tree stands must be removed from State Game Lands within two weeks after the close of deer season. If they are left attached to trees year-round, they will damage the tree and can become unsafe after prolonged exposure to the elements.

Jefferson County SGW Roger Hartless reports encountering an assortment of violations during the youth turkey hunt and during the first day of the regular spring gobbler season. Violations encountered included, hunting while not properly accompanied, hunting with an unplugged shotgun, placing a loaded firearm against a vehicle, and individuals in possession of an expired spring turkey tags while hunting. Hunters should take a minute and check their license holders to be sure that they do not have expired licenses and harvest tags in possession before heading out to hunt.

Erie County SGW Cody Jones is working on a littering case on SGL 102, a pheasant poaching case, and unlawful ATV usage on SGL 102.

Mercer County SGW Madison Kyle reports that she discovered a hunter in possession of two illegal turkeys on the opening day of Spring Gobbler season. The investigation is on-going and charges are pending for both turkeys.

Warren County SGW Eric McBride reminds concerned citizens who find baby animals to leave them alone and call the Game Commission if necessary. Handling wildlife or taking wildlife into your home is not only unlawful, it also poses a health risk to you and your family.

Butler County SGW Olexsak reports that he has investigated multiple safety zone violations during the spring turkey season. Charges are pending.

Butler County SGW Olexsak reports that he is investigating littering and dumping violations that have occurred on State Game Lands and on private lands.

Butler County SGW Olexsak reports that a subject has pled guilty to taking an unlawful deer during the 2018 archery season. She also pled guilty to using a license that she was not eligible for, which was purchased by another person in her name.

Butler County SGW Olexsak reports that he has received complaints of unlawful State Game Lands use such as ATV riding, tree stands left after season, littering, and damage to property. Enforcement efforts will continue through the season.

Butler County SGW Olexsak reports that guilty pleas have been entered in a case that stemmed from the unlawful taking of an antlered deer in Virginia. The subject took the deer over unlawful lures in Virginia then imported the carcass into Pennsylvania. Both states brought charges as the offenses related to violations of CWD bans.

Butler County SGW Olexsak reports that hearings are scheduled for two subjects who unlawfully imported CWD high-risk parts into Pennsylvania after taking the white-tailed deer in a CWD endemic state.

Jefferson County SGW Andrew D. Troutman reports that on the first day of the spring turkey season, I encountered an individual who didn't have ID with him and had failed to report is deer harvests from deer season. He would have been warned for all the infractions if he would not have lied when asked if he was hunting with anyone else. As it turned out, his little brother was hunting unaccompanied and was hunting with an unplugged shotgun.

Clarion County SGW Steven J. Ace reports that recently I had court hearings scheduled with 2 individuals. A plea arrangement was made with one of the individuals. He plead guilty to 2 summary charges of the 5th degree and in return the commonwealth dropped the 3rd summary charge of the 5th degree. The other person decided to plead guilty to the summary of the 7th degree charge and take a hearing on the summary of the 1st degree charge, to which he was found guilty. All total costs and fines for court proceedings for both individuals was a little over $1500.00.

Crawford County SGW Mark Allegro reports that he recently cited a man for the unlawful taking of 2 antlered deer during the 2018 firearms deer season. When interviewed, the man admitted to shooting the 2 deer, however, he said they were both mistake kills. He stated that the first, a 5 pt., was shot in mistake for a legal antlered deer, and the second was an 8 point. shot in brush for an antlerless deer. After killing the deer, homemade farm tags were placed on the deer; neither deer was reported as a legal harvest.

Venango County SGW Jason R. Amory reports that charges are currently pending on an individual for unlawful use of an electronic device and for trespassing while hunting. These charges stem from an incident in Irwin Township where the hunters were pursuing coyotes without permission from the landowner.

LMGS Jesse Bish reports that while conducting a 76-acre cool season grass controlled burn on SGL 330 in Sligo, PA, I saw many rabbits, deer, song birds, turkey, short eared owls and northern harriers outside of the control lines.

Mercer County SGW Daniel Carl reports that there has been an increase in the number of Wild Turkeys he has seen in fields this spring. To the extent that people have called him personally to report that they are also seeing more turkeys than usual.

Jefferson County SGW Roger A. Hartless reports finding several portable tree stands on area game lands that by regulation, should have been removed weeks ago. Although a few of these stands appear to have been left in out the woods for years, many of them look new, and were probably placed out this past hunting season. If you placed a tree stand out on game lands this past hunting season and haven't removed it yet, please take the time to remove it as soon as possible.

Erie County SGW Andrew Hueser reports many individuals failing to comply with the regulations at the shooting range at State Game Lands 109. Individuals using the range must hold either a valid range permit or a valid hunting or furtaking license. Be sure to read, understand, and follow the additional regulations posted on the signs at the range.

Erie County SGW Cody Jones Reports that law enforcement presence on State Game Land shooting ranges are increasing. We ask that everyone be cognizant of the range regulations and to practice range/firearm safety.

Mercer County SGW Madison Kyle reports encountering the illegal operation of ATVs on State Game Lands. SGW Kyle has cited several people for this unlawful act. A plea has not been determined.

Forest County SGW Frank Leichtenberger reports that he found a set of keys on 03/30/19 on State Game lands 24 in Forest County. The owner can contact SGW Leichtenberger by calling the Northwest Region office at 814-432-3187, or by stopping at his residence.

Forest County SGW Frank Leichtenberger reports having several hearings. One involved a young man who was driving an ATV on the Allegheny National Forest last April 2018. When the officer tried to stop him with his red/blue vehicle lights, he fled at high speed and entered the woods where the officer could not follow with his vehicle. SGW Leichtenberger was able to find the camp where the ATV came from, and, after a long wait, was able to catch the ATV driver. After identifying the driver, the officer realized he had caught him before in the same place, doing the same thing, several years before, and had given him a warning. This time, the driver received several citations. He was found guilty of interfering with an officer, was fined $1,000, and will probably have his hunting privileges revoked for several years. Instead of heeding the warning, this man decided to commit the crime again, and then made the situation much worse for himself by trying to escape.

Warren County SGW Eric McBride reports that waterfowl including geese and mergansers are using the local waterways heavily.

Butler County SGW Randy Pilarcik reports that he received a call from a dog owner that the family dog had got into a fight with a raccoon in their backyard. The dog killed the coon and they were calling to get the raccoon tested for rabies. When he picked up the dead raccoon, the officer noted it had a face full of porcupine quills. That is quite unusual in this part of Butler County and a good indication the raccoon wasn't acting normally to attack a porcupine. The coon was submitted for testing and the results were positive that the raccoon had contracted rabies. The family dog was being treated by a veterinarian.

Jefferson County SGW Andrew D. Troutman reports that 2 citations were recently filed for 2 dogs dragging down a large adult deer. A concerned sportsman took video of the incident and gave me a copy. After a short investigation, the owner(s) of the dogs were found. Most people can't believe their dog would do such a thing but when there is video, perspectives change in a hurry.