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Field Reports - April 26, 2019

Perry County Game Warden Steven Brussese reports the county’s bald eagles were very active prior to nesting. “I witnessed four eagles, adults and juveniles, feeding on a road-killed deer carcass outside of Ickesburg recently,” he said.

Blair County Game Warden Michael College reports a Huntingdon County man was cited for the dumping of two carcasses from deer he received through a permit issued earlier in the week.

Cumberland County Game Warden Timothy L. Wenrich reports a landowner recently discovered four deer carcasses dumped on a remote property in the Carlisle area. “We are seeking additional details to further this investigation,” Wenrich said.

Bedford County Game Warden Brandon Pfister reports that a search warrant recently was served at an unlawful taxidermy shop in the New Enterprise area. Various mounts ranging from deer, bobcats, rattlesnakes, and various furbearers were taken. Numerous charges will be filed in conjunction with the case.

Bedford County Game Warden Brandon Pfister reports a Blair County man has been charged with harassment for contacting a Southcentral Region dispatcher nine times. He threatened to come beat the dispatcher up. Charges are pending.

Snyder County Game Warden Harold J. Malehorn reports he filed a citation against an individual for littering on game lands. This is the third time he dealt with the individual for the same violation.

Franklin County Game Warden Trevor Shauf reports two individuals have been cited for multiple violations of taking small game out of season. Warnings also were given to three individuals for feeding cervids either directly or indirectly within a CWD Disease Management Area.

York County Game Warden Cameron Murphy reports he’s recently observed lots of waterfowl activity in the propagation areas on State Game Lands 416 in York County. A great variety of species such as American wigeons, pintail ducks, mallards, ring-necked ducks, mergansers, and of course, Canada geese have been using these areas.

Mifflin County Game Warden Amanda M. Isett will be filing a citation for four unlawful deer found during execution of a search warrant.

Huntingdon County Game Warden Amy Nabozny has set the district’s Hunter-Trapper Education class schedule for the year. Classes in northern Huntingdon County will start in June and carry through September. Go to to register for any of these classes.

Blair and Huntingdon counties LMO Chris Skipper reminds residents that state game lands are not the proper place to dispose of yard waste and other “spring cleaning” items. Many towns and townships have areas to properly dispose of such waste.