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November 19, 2019: PGC Southcentral Region Office Open Friday, Nov. 29
April 2019, We need your help. Multiple dead geese found in Camp Hill

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Public Shooting Ranges

Public Shooting Ranges in the Southcentral Region

Field Reports - September 11, 2020

Franklin County Game Warden Trevor Shauf reports an individual was convicted of three charges relating to a poaching incident in Blue Ridge Summit.

York County Game Warden Justin Ritter reports all goose hunters checked on opening day were successful in harvesting multiple geese.

Cumberland County Game Warden John Fetchkan reports that, due to the dry summer, some farmers are cutting their corn earlier than usual and this may help bring in doves. Also, this will help in locating downed birds. Hunters are reminded that since dove and goose seasons run together, the possession of lead shot while goose hunting isn’t permitted.

Juniata County Game Warden Eric Kelly reports multiple drivers and ATV riders were cited for operating on gated roads on State Game Lands 107.

York County Game Warden Scott Brookens reports two individuals were cited for firing an AK-47 style rifle into a live tree on State Game Lands 242. The tree sustained significant damage and there was no backstop behind the tree to stop ricocheting rounds.

Perry County Game Warden Kevin P. Anderson Jr. reports many hunters have been taking advantage of the Game Commission’s Red Tag program by hunting on enrolled farms. Hunters help the farmer by harvesting antlerless deer, which assists in controlling damage to the farmer’s crop, and hunters get to enjoy the venison.