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April 2019, We need your help. Multiple dead geese found in Camp Hill

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Field Reports - November 8, 2019

Fulton County Game Warden Justin Klugh reports that baiting violations are on the increase this year. Many bait sites have been discovered, with four hunters found hunting over the bait so far.

Fulton County Game Warden Justin Klugh reports that late spotlighting violations are on the increase this year. Over a dozen citations have been filed. Spotters are reminded to stop at 11 p.m. to ensure they won’t violate the law.

Cumberland County Game Warden John Fetchkan reports that several baiting investigations are ongoing in the DMA, along with investigations for road-hunting and unlawful taking of deer. Deputies Bowman and Kann pulled over a vehicle for late spotlighting and found them to be in possession of a loaded .223 AR rifle. Several charges are pending.

Perry County Game Warden Kevin P. Anderson Jr. reports that several Perry County hunters were charged after being found hunting through the use of bait. A follow-up investigation into information provided to the Southcentral Region Dispatch Center yielded four tree stands with bait in front of them.

York County Game Warden Scott Brookens reports several individuals have been cited for having untagged deer at their homes while in the process of butchering the deer.

York County Game Warden Justin Ritter reports a person pleaded guilty to unlawfully shooting a black bear in Springettsbury Township.

Blair and Huntingdon counties LMO Chris Skipper reports Food and Cover staff have been busy painting and maintaining boundary lines on game lands, conducting controlled burns and maintaining roads, among other things. “Please be courteous as they are working hard to maintain and improve the wildlife habitat, as well as infrastructure for all sportsmen of the Commonwealth,” Skipper said.

Juniata County Game Warden Eric Kelly reports multiple individuals have been cited for hunting through the use of bait, and additional properties have been closed to hunting due to placement of bait.