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April 29, 202: Two Road Closures Required On State Game Lands 108 For Contracted Maintenance
September 27, 2019: Southwest Region Hosts Public State Game Lands Tour
September 16, 2019: Pennsylvania Game Commission Southwest Region Announces Chronic-Wasting Disease Presentations
July 12, 2019: Barn Owls Banded in Somerset County
June 28, 2019: Cambria County Adds Over 2100 Acres of State Game Lands In Upper And Lower Yoder Townships
March 1, 2019: Southwest Region Welcomes New State Game Wardens
January 15, 2019: Westmoreland County Resident Reaches Plea Agreement In Regards To Multiple Game Law Violations


SGL 267 Sasquatch Prescribed Fire (PDF)
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SGL 82 Golden-winged Warbler Habitat Project (PDF)
SGL 228 Road Daylight/Habitat Transition Zone Project SGL (PDF)
SGL 228 Scrub Oak Restoration/Prescribe Fire Project (PDF)
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Seasonal Roads, Designated Routes, Snowmobile Trails and Access for Hunters with Disabilities

Seasonal Roads Open for Hunting & Trapping
Designated Routes for Horses and Bicycles
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Access Routes for Hunters with Disabilities (PDF)

Public Shooting Ranges

Public Shooting Ranges in the Southwest Region

Field Reports - June 19, 2020

Allegheny County Game Warden Zeb Campbell reports fawns are being born everywhere in Allegheny County. If you see a fawn, please leave it alone. The mother likely is nearby and will come back and check on the fawn. The fawn will call out to its mother so she can find it.

Allegheny County Game Warden Zeb Campbell reports State Game Lands 203’s range is open. Remember to use social-distancing and have a range permit, hunting license, or furtaker license. You can buy one of these at any place that sells licenses or online. If it is your first time to the range, please read the rules to make sure you know what you can and cannot do.

Beaver County Game Warden Mike Yeck reports a hunter was charged with the unlawful killing of two wild turkeys over the course of one week this spring. The hunter, who did not possess a second turkey tag, did not tag either bird properly.

Fayette County Game Warden Charles T. Schuster reports Dunbar Creek on State Game Lands 51 has been getting much attention from fly-fishermen.

Fayette County Game Warden Charles T. Schuster reports the State Game Lands 51 shooting range is open again and is seeing a lot of activity from nearby residents.

Greene County Game Warden Christopher Bence reports several individuals were recently cited for driving vehicles on state game lands and co-op properties.

Greene County Game Warden Christopher Bence wants to remind people not to disturb or disrupt young wildlife. “While you may think they look abandoned or alone, the mother is usually not far off and watching,” he said.

Indiana, Armstrong and Westmoreland counties Land Management Group Supervisor Matthew Lucas reports hedgerow removal and improvements recently were done with the agency’s Hydro-Axe machine. These hedgerows were predominately autumn olive and honeysuckle which were overgrown and spreading out into the herbaceous openings on State Game Lands 411. Fruit-bearing trees were salvaged, and another goal was to promote more native species beneficial to wildlife.

Westmoreland County Game Warden Michael J. Papinchak reports a property owner approached him with information about individuals riding around looking for turkeys during turkey season. A lengthy investigation uncovered multiple violations, resulting in charges and warnings. Most notably using a vehicle to locate game and stalking turkeys

Westmoreland County Game Warden Michael J Papinchak reports he received a report of young boys shooting wildlife in their backyard. A parent admitted to regularly providing them a firearm to commit the unlawful acts. Charges were filed.

Westmoreland County Game Warden Michael J. Papinchak reports observing multiple boating violations on the Loyalhanna Reservoir. Charges are being filed in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

Westmoreland County Game Warden Bill Brehun reports a Unity Township man has been charged for operating a motorized vehicle on Westmoreland County Municipal Authority Property, near the Whitney Stone Quarry. The area is well posted with signs that restrict certain activities. If you don’t own the land, make sure you have permission to ride before doing so.

Westmoreland County Warden Bill Brehun reports an Irwin man has been charged for the unlawful possession of a white-tailed deer. A fawn was found lying along the road and the actor picked it up and took it home. Two days after this occurred, a neighbor observed the deer outside of the actor’s residence and called to report this wildlife crime. “Leave wildlife alone, please leave these animals where they belong,” Brehun urged.