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Public Shooting Ranges in the Southwest Region

Field Reports - December 6, 2021

Allegheny, Beaver and Washington counties Land Management Group Supervisor Dan Puhala reports citations have been filed against two individuals who were driving on a handicap-access road and in possession of alcoholic beverages while on state game lands. These designated roads are provided for hunters with disabilities so they can access areas. Use of these roads requires possession of appropriate permits. As a reminder, the possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on any state game lands.

Armstrong County Game Warden Christopher Bence reports charges have been filed against an individual for unlawfully taking a deer, failing to tag it, and possessing a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

Armstrong County Game Warden Christopher Bence reports charges are being filed for spotlighting after hours, possessing a crossbow in a vehicle while spotting, and unlawfully attempting to take a white-tailed deer.

Fayette County Game Warden Zachery Hay reports two individuals pleaded guilty to harvesting a black bear through the use of bait and locating the bear with an electronic contrivance in Dunbar Township. Combined the individuals will pay approximately $4,500 in fines and court costs and will lose their hunting privileges for multiple years.

Fayette County Game Warden Zachery Hay reports an individual was charged in Lower Tyrone Township for locating an antlered white-tailed deer with a motorized vehicle and shooting the deer within a safety zone with a rifle. The antlered deer was a protected deer due to antler restrictions and was deemed an unlawful harvest.

Cadet Jesse Cunninghan while on field assignment with Somerset County Game Warden Brian Witherite reports that individuals have been charged for damaging plants on state game lands after cutting large portions of winterberry for personal use.

Indiana County Game Warden Ned Kimmel reports a very slow bear season in Indiana County. Only 12 bears were taken during the early season and regular firearms bear season combined. Bear hunters were few and far between, with large groups of bear hunters dwindling and fewer people in the woods moving bears.

Somerset County Game Warden Brian Witherite reports the firearms bear season harvest was low. This could be contributed to several factors including increased season opportunities, large amounts of standing corn, and an abundance of hard mast that made it difficult for hunters to locate bears.

Somerset County Game Warden Brian Witherite reports multiple hunters were field checked and voiced appreciation regarding the agency’s efforts with habitat and pheasant hunting opportunities in the county. Many hunters from outside the area regularly participate in pheasant hunting due to the vast access and improved habitat Somerset County provides.

Somerset County Game Warden Andy Harvey reports a Stoystown man recently pleaded guilty to harvesting an antlerless whitetail with a rifle during the state archery season. The man did not have a hunting license and was trespassing on private property. He was assessed $1,550 in fines, plus court costs, and likely will lose his hunting and trapping privileges for multiple years.

Washington County Game Warden Adam Traynor reports 25 individuals have been caught hunting through the use of bait in Washington County so far this season, with multiple baiting investigations still active.

Westmoreland County Game Warden Michael J. Papinchak reports two hunters were field-checked while walking in the woods to hunt and discovered to be hunting without having purchased a license. Appropriate charges will be filed.

Westmoreland County Game Warden Michael J. Papinchak reports a field check was performed on two individuals upon observing them walking a powerline. One of the individuals was in possession of the tags of a neighbor and could not explain how he got them. Charges to be filed.

Westmoreland County Game Warden Michael J. Papinchak reports that a hunter was found to have a loaded firearm after the close of legal shooting hours.

Westmoreland County Deputy Game Warden Ben Bawden observed a vehicle creeping along with the windows open on a back road. When the vehicle stopped on the side of the road, Bawden approached the vehicle. The driver admitted that he was hunting and that his gun was loaded with seven rounds.

Westmoreland County Game Warden Bill Brehun reports while on routine patrol in Unity Township a gunshot was heard near the road. After getting out of the vehicle and walking a short distance across the field, a hunter was contacted and was assisted with tracking and locating the antlered deer. While dragging the deer to a clearing, a baited area was detected – where the deer was shot. The deer was subsequently confiscated, and charges have been filed for the unlawful taking of big game through the use of bait.