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Wind Energy

The Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act of 2004 requires 18 percent of electricity sold to Pennsylvania retail customers to come from renewable and advanced energy sources within 15 years. In the absence of compulsory state regulations, the Pennsylvania Game Commission developed a Wind Energy Voluntary Cooperative Agreement with wind developers in 2007. Brokered with substantial input from wind energy industry representatives, the Cooperative Agreement provides guidance and consistency to project managers in order to understand, avoid, minimize, and mitigate potential impacts on the state's wildlife resources.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission continues to work with the wind energy industry and held multiple meetings between 2007 and 2012 to discuss the Cooperative Agreement. Based on data collected through the Cooperative Agreement, feedback from the wind energy industry, and the status of impacted species in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Game Commission amended the Cooperative Agreement in 2013.

Amended Cooperative Agreement

Amended Cooperative Agreement and Exhibits – 2013 (PDF)

Current Cooperators

RowCompanyAmmended WEVCA Signed
Company Amended WEVCA Signed
1.Algonquin Power Company8/7/2013
2.Duke Energy8/8/2013
3.Forward Windpower, LLC8/12/2013
4.Lookout Windpower, LLC8/12/2013
5,Iberdrola Renewable Energies USA8/26/2013
6.EDF Renewables8/26/2013
7.Wind Park Bear Creek, LLC 8/29/2013
8.Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm LLC8/29/2013
9.PPL Renewable Energy LLC9/12/2013
10.Chestnut Flats LLC9/24/2013
11.Volkswind USA, Inc.9/30/2013
12.Tuthill Corporation Dba Blue Mountain Ski Area10/19/2013
13.Buck Mountain Wind Energy LLC11/18/2013
14.Everpower Wind Holdings, Inc.1/30/2014
15.Big Level Wind, LLC12/2/2019


State Game Lands Development

Board of Game Commissioner's resolution establishing Windmill Policy (PDF)

2007 Cooperative Agreement

Agreement, Exhibits and Cooperators

Wind Energy