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​Seedlings For Schools Program

The entire inventory of seedlings for the 2024 Seedlings for Schools program is depleted.  Program will be back February 3, 2025

Seedlings for Schools is a partnership program of the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Howard Nursery and the Wildlife for Everyone Foundation. Since the Seedlings for Schools initiative began in 2008, 1.8 million seedlings were dispersed statewide to all counties of the Commonwealth. Seedlings are grown and shipped from the Game Commission’s Howard Nursery located in Centre County, Pennsylvania. The Seedlings for Schools program allows students to experience their role as caretaker of their environment while having fun in the outdoor classroom.

  • ​​The program is available to all Pennsylvania schools with children enrolled from kindergarten through 12th grade. Pre-K programs do not qualify. 
  • Individual Homeschool orders are not valid, they must be placed through a Homeschool group, co-op or other association.

Seedlings for Your Class: 

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Pennsylvania Game Commission provides enough seedlings for each student to take a seedling home to plant. This year's seedling choices are Norway spruce, white spruce, red oak, ninebark, greystem dogwood or silky dogwood. If more than one classroom in a school is interested that is great!  

Individual orders from one school building must be combined.​

Educational Materials

Student Pages (PDF)​
Planting Directions and Safety Notice (Spanish language version)
  • Questions? Please contact Howard Nursery 814-355-4434, or email 
  • Hours: M-F 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Ordering Information

Seedling Arrival: Depending on weather conditions and numbers of orders, bare-root seedlings will be shipped in April. Once seedlings arrive, keep them moist. Hand out seedlings with roots in half gallon baggies with moist shredded newspaper or plant in juice/milk cartons to transport home. Planting Directions and a Safety Notice are found in the teacher’s guide. We cannot guarantee shipment on a specific date. Species substitutions may occur if supply runs low.