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Agricultural Deer Control (Red Tag) Program

The Agricultural Deer Control (Red Tag) Program is a special permit for deer control related to agricultural depredation.

An Agricultural Deer Control permit authorizes the permittee to enlist the aid of a limited number of individuals for the purpose of removing deer from the permittee’s property. An individual selected by the permittee to remove deer from the permittee’s property must be in possession of a valid Pennsylvania hunting license. A permittee may not issue more than one subpermit per-year to a person to take deer on the permittee’s property. The permit is valid from February 1 to September 28 each calendar year, excluding Sundays, during the hours of dawn to dusk only. The permit is not valid from May 16 to June 30. Only antlerless deer may be taken under this program.

The permittee must report, on a form provided by the Commission, the number of deer killed and other information the Commission deems necessary. The completed report must be submitted to the district state game warden within five days after the end of each month while the permit is valid. If no deer are killed, a negative report should be submitted.

Land where permits are issued must post deer control permit signs provided by the Commission on the boundary of and along all public roadways traversing the property by the landowner/cooperator on all contiguous acres of the farm under agreement.

Landowners interested in participating in the Agricultural Deer Control Program must call the Game Commission Region Office serving the county in which the land to enrolled is located. Applications for deer control permits under this program are made through the district state game warden on a form provided by the Commission. Applications are only accepted from persons who are currently enrolled in the Commission’s Hunter Access Cooperator program, except in Wildlife Management Units 5C and 5D.

The regulations regarding this program are contained in Title 58, 147.551 – 559 of the PA Code