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​​​Agricultural Deer Control (AG Tag) Program

The Agricultural Deer Control (AG Tag) Program, formerly known as "Red Tag," is a special permit for deer control related to agricultural depredation.

An Agricultural Deer Control permit authorizes landowners or lessees to enlist the aid of hunters for the purpose of removing deer causing damage on agricultural lands, outside of the regular deer hunting seasons. The permit is valid from August 1 to September 15 and February 1 to April 15, excluding Sundays. Only antlerless deer may be taken under this program.

Landowners interested in participating in the AG Tag program must call the Game Commission Region Office serving the county in which the land to be enrolled is located. Applications for deer control permits under this program are made through the district state game warden on a form provided by the Commission.

A list of properties that are enrolled in the AG Tag program can be obtained from the Game Commission regional office which serves the county where the property is located.

In order to participate in the AG Tag program as a hunter, an individual must:

  1. Purchase a valid hunting license, unless eligible for an exemption under Section 2706 of Title 34.
  2. Contact a participating landowner and receive up to four coupons to be used at the landowner's property.
  3. Redeem the coupons at any license issuing agent or to obtain an antlerless deer harvest permit.
  4. Any hunter issued a permit must report either a positive or negative harvest report, whichever is applicable, by April 30 each year. To report a harvest or no harvest, visit