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Hunters Sharing The Harvest

Pennsylvania’s Venison Donation Program

Each season, Hunters Sharing the Harvest donates over 100,000 pounds of venison to more than 5,000 food banks, soup kitchens and mission outreach centers statewide. Families and individuals access the food banks to help put food on the table for themselves and their children.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is a proud supporter of Pennsylvania’s Hunters Sharing the Harvest program, the state’s premiere venison donation program. Since 1991, HSH has coordinated the processing and distribution of nearly TWO MILLION pounds of donated deer meat and wild game from hunters and municipal herd reduction sources to hungry people throughout Pennsylvania.

An average-sized deer will provide enough high-protein, low-fat meat for 200 servings. Thanks to program sponsors, hunters can donate venison at no charge.

This hunter-inspired community service outreach effectively channels hunter donated venison through a network of approved deer processors, food banks and some local charitable provider organizations throughout Pennsylvania’s urban and rural communities.

Visit the Hunters Sharing the Harvest website,, or call 866-474-2141 for more information

Give A Buck To The Pot

Those interested in supporting Hunters Sharing the Harvest can do so in the following ways:

  1. Hunters – After enjoying a safe and successful hunt, carefully field-dress and legally tag and report your deer harvest, then take the whole deer to any nearby HSH processor. Complete the HSH Deer Donor Receipt Form verifying the donation. (*Thanks to program sponsors, the hunter can donate a deer at no cost to him or her).
  2. Processors, Area Coordinators and Food Banks – With more hungry people, more hunters are needed to donate extra venison to reach the goal of providing at least 100,000 pounds annually. To reach that goal, processors, as well as area coordinators, are needed statewide to spread the word and educate their communities about these needs; and food banks can contact the program when they are in need of donations. Click here to get involved.
  3. 3. Nonhunters – Financial support to help pay the butchers that process the donate meat is very much appreciated. Donations can be made online through the HSH website. HSH is a 501C3 charitable organization and donations are tax-deductible. Checks can be made payable to Hunters Sharing the Harvest and mailed to: Hunters Sharing the Harvest, 218 Vernon Road, Greenville, PA 16125.

Connect With HSH To Learn More

Phone: 866-HSH-2141 (866-474-2141)
Facebook: @HuntersSharingTheHarvest
Instagram: @hunterssharingtheharvest
HSH County Coordinators

Listen Now

Call of the Outdoors Episode 23: Pennsylvania Hunters Sharing the Harvest

In Call of the Outdoors, Episode 23, podcast host Matt Morrett, joins the Hunters Sharing the Harvest program’s first Executive Director John Plowman and its current Executive Director Randy Ferguson. The program that started nearly 30 years ago as an alliance between hunters, trappers, veterinarians and those with agricultural interests, has grown into a premier organization modeled across the country.

Hunters Sharing the Harvest shows hunters in their best light and in a way they can be appreciated and respected by the public by sharing their harvest. Hunting and filling a tag is one thing, but taking the time and effort to ensure the meat gets into a program that provides a warm meal to someone in need is extraordinary.

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