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Where are pheasants stocked? 10/15/18

View the interactive pheasant stocking map. Each data point includes the number of pheasants and pheasant releases for 2017 (last year), and potential hunting habitat. Stocking for 2018 is scheduled to be nearly the same.
View a list of Pheasant Allocations by region and county.
View the Ring-necked Pheasant webpage for more information.

Where can I take the deer I harvested in a Disease Management Area (DMA)? 9/20/18

The map in the link above shows locations of Cooperating Processors and Taxidermists to whom you can take a deer harvested within the associated DMA. You cannot take a deer from one DMA to a cooperator for a different DMA. Example: If you harvest a deer in DMA 3, you cannot take it to a cooperating processor in DMA 4. The map also shows locations of High-risk Parts Dumpsters, and Deer Head Collection bins. Information is updated regularly.

Learn more about chronic wasting disease and handling deer carcasses in Pennsylvania at