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How to check the status of an Antlerless Deer or Elk license application

1.  Go to
2.  Select the "Purchase Fishing and/or Hunting License Permit and or Application / Replace License and or Permit" option, which includes the ability to "Check the status of an Antlerless Deer or Elk Application".
3.  Scroll down and click "Start Here" at the bottom of the page.
4.  Choose an identification option, fill in the necessary information, and click "Continue".
5.  Choose the appropriate residency status, which will display your current personal information.
6.  At the bottom of the page, choose the "Check on the status of any Lottery Application" option, and click "Continue".

License hasn’t arrived? You can still apply for an antlerless license.

To all our Pennsylvania hunters who purchased their 2019-20 hunting licenses online this year, unfortunately, we have heard from many of you via phone, email and social media that you have not yet received your licenses in the mail.

First and foremost, we want to provide those of your who are planning to apply for antlerless licenses, and have not yet received your online license purchase yet, with some alternate options. You can fill out this form and mail it, along with a check, in the pink, antlerless license application envelope. You can go online and print your antlerless license application using your CID and mail it the same way. If you need an antlerless license application envelope, they can be found at many licensing agents, providing they have not distributed them all.

Don’t know your CID? Visit and enter alternate identification information to reveal your Customer ID number.

Secondly, we do truly apologize for the inadequate service many of you have received from our licensing agent. Our agency must contract with an entity to provide our license system service, and this includes fulfilling online license orders. None of the entities that bid on the contract were from Pennsylvania. That is why those of you who have received your licenses noticed an out-of-state address on the envelope. The licenses are supposed to be delivered within 7-10 business days, regardless of the entity’s location. If you did not receive a 2019-20 Hunter Trapper Digest, email us at and we will get one in the mail to you.