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Scotia Range Complex Improvements

The PA Game Commission is planning to make upgrades and improvements to several ranges at the Scotia Range Complex on SGL 176 in Centre County. A contractor has been selected and may begin construction soon or postpone their start due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of May.

This phase will improve the archery, shotgun patterning, pistol, and two auxiliary ranges. Each range will be receiving new shooting station pavilions so individuals utilizing the range will be protected from the sun and rain. Several of the ranges will be receiving new target holders. The security fence running between the pistol and auxiliary ranges will be removed and relocated to include the auxiliary ranges. These are only some of the upgrades.

We will not be closing the Scotia Range Complex for these improvements. At times, a range or two may be closed but another open range will likely work in a pinch. The contractor is planning to work systematically through the project and only close individual ranges until that range is finished, then move onto the next. There may be times when two or more ranges need to be closed in order to work down-range safely but exactly how many ranges will be closed at one time will be decided by the contractor.

Phase two will address the rifle range only and more information will be provided when it’s moving forward.

Range Closures SGL 77, 108, 127, 179, 205

SGL 77 - shooting range will be closed due to renovations starting March 18th until further notice.

SGL 108 and SGL 179 - The Pennsylvania Game Commission shooting range located on State Game Lands 108 in WHITE Township, CAMBRIA County will be closed from Monday, May 6 , until further notice. The range will undergo a significant upgrade that involves the construction of a new shotgun patterning range adjacent to the existing rifle range.

Also, the Pennsylvania Game Commission shooting range located on State Game Land 179 in JACKSON Township, GREENE County will be closed Monday May 13, until further notice. This range will also undergo significant upgrades that involves the construction of new shooting shelters, addition of pistol bays, and range floor improvements to facilitate drainage.

SGL 127 - The Pennsylvania Game Commission shooting range located on State Game Lands 127 in Coolbaugh Twp., Monroe County, will be closed for repairs and upgrades beginning Monday, April 8, 2024, until all maintenance and upgrades are completed. The required maintenance and upgrades will take approximately two months to complete with the goal to have the range reopened to the public by mid-June 2024.

SGL 205 - The ranges located on SGL 205 will be undergoing scheduled maintenance beginning 5/14/24. See below for information.

Rifle range and shotgun patterning range - Closed until Friday May 17, 3PM. Open Saturday and Sunday. Closed M-F 20th to 24th. Open 3PM Friday 20th , Saturday and Sunday.

The range will open Memorial Day - May 27, 2024. and will remain closed T-F 28th to 31st.

Shotgun clay range will remain open entire duration.

SGL 13 Road Closure

Berwick Turnpike Rd on SGL 13, Sullivan County, Colley and Laporte Townships, will be closed starting May, 9 2024, for upgrades. It is planned to be re-opened by June, 28 2024.