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Fast Facts About Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles
  • Bald eagles build the largest nest of any North American bird.
  • A pair of bald eagles generally mates for life.
  • The bald eagle is exclusively a bird of North America.
  • The wingspan of a bald eagle ranges from five and a half feet to eight feet.
  • Bald eagles are 28 to 40 inches in length.
  • An eagle may weigh eight to 12 pounds.
  • Female eagles are about 25 percent larger than male eagles.
  • Both sexes will sit on the nest and protect the eggs or young, exchanging places while the other forages for food.
  • The bald eagle is one of ten sea- or fish-eagles in the world (genus Haliaeetus). Eagles belong to the family called Accipitridae, which also includes kites, hawks and old world vultures.