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I've got bats...and I want to learn more about them.

A Homeowner's Guide to Northeastern Bats & Bat Problems Benefits of bats, bat biology and behavior, bat homes, bat proofing, attracting bats, public health... 
Bats Around the Home (PDF) Bat behavior, bat proofing, bat box plans.
and I would prefer them not be in my home. 
Wildlife Damage Control Bat proofing, damage control and reducing bat conflicts. 
Bats in Buildings: A Guide to Safe & Humane Exclusions (PDF) Simple solutions for bats in your home
and I want to help the PGC track the population. 

Homes to attract bats 



Race to Save Pennsylvania Bats a WQED production 
2014 Winter Bat Surveys part 1
2014 Winter Bat Surveys part 2

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