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Black Bear

Scientific Name: Ursus americanus
Season and Limit: See Seasons and Bag Limits

Bear Feeding Ban: It is unlawful to intentionally lay or place food, fruit, hay, grain, chemical, salt or other minerals that may cause bears to congregate or habituate an area. In addition, if nuisance bears are being attracted to an area by other wildlife feeding, game wardens can issue written notice to temporarily halt the activity.


Bear Check Station Data

Click on the map below to view data from the 2018 bear season. 



Wildlife Note
Springtime Ecology of Pennsylvania Black Bears - a webinar (46:29)
Living with Black Bears
Black Bear Expansion Based on Harvest Distribution (PDF)
Mange in Black Bears brochure (PDF)



Bear Hunting Laws and Regulations
Wildlife Management Units
Pennsylvania Black Bear Harvest Certificate (PDF)
Black Bear Age Harvest Data
Bear, Deer & Turkey Harvests
Harvest Maps



Black Bear Research in Your Neighborhood (PDF)
Population Growth of Bears
Bountiful Black Bears
Bear Management Plan (PDF)
Pennsylvania Residents' Opinions On and Attitudes toward Black Bears (PDF)
Pennsylvania Residents' Opinions On and Attitudes toward black Bears - Executive Summary (PDF)