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Snow Goose

Snow Goose Conservation Hunt

An excessive snow goose population in the Atlantic Flyway has prompted federal and state wildlife managers to allow additional hunting methods and expanded seasons for these birds before they cause irreversible harm to their breeding and wintering grounds.

Season dates vary by goose zones. For further information on this season’s goose zones and snow goose hunting seasons, consult the current Hunting & Trapping Digest.

Snow Goose Permit
Snow Goose Harvest Reporting
Snow Goose Conservation Hunt Harvest Details Log (PDF)
Snow Goose Hunting Tips (PDF)
Snow Goose Cookbook - Arctic Goose Joint Venture
Assessing the Conservation Order for Light Geese in the Atlantic Flyway in 2018 (PDF)
2019 Snow Goose Conservation Season in Pennsylvania - Harvest Summary Report (PDF)

Snow Goose Migration - Watchable Wildlife

Each year thousands of migrating waterfowl pass through southeastern Pennsylvania between January and April. Keep tabs on the migration with our Waterfowl Migration Update or plan a trip to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area to see and hear them in person.

Waterfowl Migration Update
Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area
Snow Goose Wildlife Note (PDF)

Snow Goose