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Interested in becoming an Issuing Agent?

Pennsylvania hunting licenses were sold only by County Treasurers from 1913-1928. In 1929 the Pennsylvania Game Commission began appointing local issuing agents to sell hunting licenses. To this day, the Pennsylvania Game Commission continues to appoint local issuing agents, like you, to assist us in helping Pennsylvania hunters and trappers to enjoy the great outdoors.

To be considered for appointment as an agent, a person must:

  • Be a resident of this Commonwealth or an entity registered to do business in this Commonwealth
  • Operate a bona fide sporting goods sales outlet where the public expects to find this service
  • Be open to the public during reasonable daylight and evening hours
  • Not operate on a seasonal or part-time basis

If you meet these requirements, you may download the Pennsylvania Game Commission's agency application. The application must be completed and returned, along with a $500 application fee, to be reviewed. To off-set the cost of the application fee, new agents may qualify for a rebate based on first year hunting license sales. Licenses that qualify for rebate are the regular resident, nonresident hunting and furtakers licenses. Agents will also receive a $1 commission for each license or permit sold.

  • $100 rebate if 250 qualifying licenses are sold. 
  • $200 rebate if 500 qualifying licenses are sold. 
  • $300 rebate if 750 qualifying licenses are sold. 
  • $400 rebate if 1,000 qualifying licenses are sold.

Once the application is approved, you will be notified to complete the Pennsylvania Automated License Systems (PALS) Hunting License Issuing Agent Agreement, which includes an Authorization Agreement for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). An $18,000 surety bond and power of attorney or irrevocable letter of credit is also required. Surety bond/letter of credit and agent agreement must be reviewed and approved by Game Commission legal counsel before a person can sell hunting licenses through PALS.

After approval of the above items, you will be sent an agency license for you to display at your business. As of January, 2013, all new agents are required to provide their own personal computer to sell hunting licenses, and our automated licensing representative will supply you with a complete WebPOS set of equipment compatible with your personal computer. After you have received your equipment, you will be contacted by our automated licensing representative NIC Outdoors, to schedule a training session, via phone call or email to set up and learn to use the PALS equipment and the automated license system.

All links below are PDF's.  Download, complete, print and sign all required forms:

Mail completed forms to:       

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Hunting License Division
2001 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9797

Thank you for your interest in becoming an issuing agent for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at (717) 787-2084, or email us at


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