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November 18, 2019: PGC Northcentral Region Office Open Friday, Nov. 29
September 4, 2019: Public Encouraged to Provide Input on Subject of Wildlife Feeding
October 2018: Deer Focus Areas (video 1:27)
September 2018: How to Safely View Pennsylvania's Elk Herd (video 2:29)
September 2018: Herbicide Treatment to Promote Diverse Vegetation (video 1:37)

Seasonal Roads, Designated Routes, Snowmobile Trails and Access for Hunters with Disabilities

Seasonal Roads Open for Hunting & Trapping
Designated Routes for Horses and Bicycles
State Game Lands 176 (The Barrens) Designated Routes brochure (PDF)
Snowmobile Trails
Access Routes for Hunters with Disabilities
State Game Lands 311 Equestrian Trail (PDF)

Public Shooting Ranges

Public Shooting Ranges in the Northcentral Region

Field Reports - June 19, 2020

Lycoming County Game Warden Harold Cole reports that, while heading to another county to assist in an ATV detail, he saw a pair of ospreys flying – one with a fish in its talons and the other apparently flying cover, as an eagle was flying nearby, too.

McKean County Game Warden Jeffrey Orwig reports that several individuals were cited for riding their ATVs on property enrolled in the Hunter Access program. This illegal activity and disrespect for the landowner is how land open to public hunting gets shut down.

Clinton County Game Warden Kirk Miller reports that an individual from Clinton County was arrested on the first day of spring gobbler season for hunting through the use of bait. The individual could face fines up to $300.

Elk County Game Warden Kolton Mueller reports citations have been filed for littering on game lands, illegal use of motorized vehicles on co-op property, trapping out of season and illegal camping on state game lands.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports he encountered a spring turkey hunter trespassing.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports that a successful spring turkey hunter neglected to tag the bird.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports that a spring turkey hunter was encountered hunting in a baited area.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports that a spring turkey hunter shot a turkey from a motorized vehicle.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports ATV violations were prolific on Hunter Access property during Memorial Day weekend.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports a mangy bear that had been raiding garbage cans and birdfeeders in Clearfield was captured.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports a 500-pound road-killed bear was removed from Interstate 80 near the Woodland exit.

Tioga County Game Warden Michael Smith reports one hunter was walking out of the woods with a loaded gun at 2 p.m. on a day turkey-hunting hours ended at noon. The turkey hunter had a few other violations, as well. Another turkey hunter who was field checked and had his unfilled antlerless deer tag in possession, even though he’d harvested a doe in rifle season.

Lycoming County Game Warden Jonathan M. Wyant reports that, judging by the number of fawns observed by the public, it should be a good deer season.

Tioga County Game Warden Thomas Nelson reports young wildlife is very abundant this time of year. If you see young animals, let them alone and do not touch or handle them.

Land Management Group Supervisor Rodney Mee reports that managed dove fields have been planted on State Game Lands 252 in Allenwood, State Game Lands 201 near Mifflinburg, State Game Lands 134 in Barbours and State Game Lands 317 in Laurelton. Many of the fields are 40-plus acres and will be planted in sunflower, brown-top millet and winter wheat. Mee also reports that the State Game Lands 252 dove fields produced the highest dove counts in the state according to a hunter survey conducted last year.