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Seasonal Roads, Designated Routes, Snowmobile Trails and Access for Hunters with Disabilities

Seasonal Roads Open for Hunting & Trapping
Designated Routes for Horses and Bicycles
State Game Lands 176 (The Barrens) Designated Routes brochure (PDF)
Snowmobile Trails
Access Routes for Hunters with Disabilities
State Game Lands 311 Equestrian Trail (PDF)

Public Shooting Ranges

Public Shooting Ranges in the Northcentral Region

Field Reports - September 13, 2019

Centre County Game Warden Dan Murray reports that several warnings have been issued for shooting-range violations and use of mountain bikes on unapproved trails on Scotia Range/State Game Lands 176.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports an increase of bear conflicts in agriculture areas. Trapping efforts are being conducted to resolve problem.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports that the Lawrence Township Police Department encountered a person killing a bat with a shotgun. Investigation is pending.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports that Chronic Wasting Disease is spreading across the Commonwealth and hunters should be cognizant of the changes for the upcoming hunting season.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports that ATV operators are failing to comply with Game Commission signage being posted on Hunter Access property.

Clearfield County Game Warden Mark Gritzer reports that a revocation petition was submitted to the Bureau of Wildlife Protection to suspend a person’s hunting privileges for five years.

Elk County Game Warden Susan Edmiston reports that a Ridgway man has been found guilty on charges related to unlawful bear feeding. After receiving multiple complaints about a nuisance bear in one neighborhood, including a complaint of a bear trying to enter a home, the Game Commission received a report that the man was putting out feed in front of a trail camera. Black oil sunflower seeds were spread in an approximately 25-foot diameter in the backyard, and several bear paths were leading to the seeds. The man was cited and ordered to pay fines and costs of $241.25.

Land Management Group Supervisor Rodney Mee reports that all work on State Game Lands 75’s Pine Run Road is complete and the road will be open to the public throughout the year, giving great access to the Pine Run basin as well as access to the handicap ATV trail head. Mee notes that further repair will be conducted on the seasonal section of Pine Run in hopes of reopening that section for fall hunting.

Clinton County Game Warden Kirk Miller reports that nuisance bear calls have been very high in Clinton County.

Union County Game Warden Dirk Remensnyder reports that multiple littering violations have occurred on state game lands, including dumping of construction waste, which is being investigated.

Tioga County Game Warden Rob Minnich reports hunting licenses have been on sale and this year you should have received the hunting digest with your license. Please make sure to read it as there have been some changes which may affect you when hunting.

Tioga County Game Warden Rob Minnich reports that his district has been affected by bear mange, and it has been especially prevalent in the Arnot, Bloss and Covington areas this year. Anything that is attracting bears should be cleaned up to comply with the law and help prevent the spread of mange and other diseases.

Tioga County Game Warden Michael Smith reports he has been seeing and catching many bears this summer. One sow was 18 years old with four cubs. “It’s interesting to think she may have raised 20 or more cubs in her lifetime,” Smith said.

Centre County Game Warden Michael Ondik reports a hunter pleaded guilty to unlawfully killing a turkey in excess of the season limit. In exchange for his plea, the Commonwealth reduced its fine recommendation to the minimum of $1,000, plus an additional $500 enhancement, and dropped a road-hunting charge, did not seek replacement cost for the turkey, and recommended no jail time be served.

McKean County Game Warden Jeffrey Orwig reports that the new changes to the upcoming bear season hold promise. “Make sure you get out and scout those food sources,” he said.

Lycoming County Game Warden Harold Cole reports that he has received 188 Bear Calls from March 1 to July 31. That averages out to 37.6 calls about bears per month. Cole states that 18 were for road-killed bears, 48 were for sick or injured bears, 23 were for bear damage and 99 calls were for bear nuisance complaints. Cole notes that several of these calls revolved around bears looking for food. While bears aren’t looking for trouble, they often find a nice buffet around houses. Some of the more common food that bears find are bird feeders, garbage cans, compost piles, pet food and water dishes, gas grills, burn barrels, piles of corn, doughnuts and anything else that smells or looks like food.