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Hunting in Pennsylvania


DIGEST BUYERS: 2017-18 Hunting & Trapping Digests and licenses are mailed separately and may not arrive at the same time. Verify that your mailing address is correct in the automated license system so that your Digest is mailed to the proper location. The Digest is available for printing and viewing online.











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Feral Swine 

UPDATE: Effective January 9, 2016, temporary closure to feral swine hunting in Butler County. Feral swine are not native to Pennsylvania and present many problems to wildlife and people. They can cause tremendous damage to habitat and property, and pose an ever-present threat to wildlife and the biosecurity of the state's multi-million-dollar pork industry. Pennsylvania would be a better place without these swine, and the Game Commission is committed to their eradication. To learn more about these unwanted intruders, please follow these links:

Executive Order (PDF)
Stop Feral Swine brochure (PDF)