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Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area
Kleinfeltersville, PA 17039

Seasonal Roads, Designated Routes, Snowmobile Trails and Access for Hunters with Disabilities

NOTICE: The gate located at Cold Springs Road, SGL 211 in Lebanon County, at the top of Second Mountain will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for necessary road repairs. The road is still open to foot traffic. The gate will remain open for travel Fridays through the following Mondays to allow access. Thank you for your understanding.

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Public Shooting Ranges

Public Shooting Ranges in the Southeast Region

Field Reports - January 17, 2020

Berks County Game Warden Ryan L. Zawada reports a North Heidelburg Township man recently pleaded guilty to unlawfully killing two deer on his property through the use of bait.

Bucks County Game Warden Tyler Barnes cited multiple hunters throughout the course of the firearms deer season for not wearing the required fluorescent orange safety clothing.

Chester County Game Warden Matthew Johnson reports two individuals were found hunting ducks on a Sunday at Struble Lake in November. The hunters were from out of state, and when contacted, appeared genuinely unaware that hunting was not allowed on Sundays in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, no ducks were taken during the hunt. Summary citations were filed, and the defendants pleaded guilty and paid their fines. Assistance from a witness and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission WCO Robert Bonney were critical in the incident.

Lancaster County Game Warden Greg Graham reports that hunting pressure was down significantly during the recent firearms deer season, but plenty of game-law violations were detected. An individual was apprehended while hunting in the controlled area of Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. He’d parked in front of a no-entry sign and was in possession of previous years’ antlerless tags.

Lancaster County Game Warden Greg Graham reports investigating two individuals with an untagged deer. Also, in their possession were several sets of antlers from road-killed bucks that were not reported. The investigation is ongoing.

Lancaster County Game Warden Daniel Gibble reports citing several individuals for bringing deer outside the CWD Disease Management Area (DMA).

Lancaster County Game Warden John Veylupek and deputies investigated a case of damage to property by a deer hunter. Multiple charges have been filed.

Lancaster County Game Warden John Veylupek cited over a dozen hunters for unlawfully removing high-risk cervid parts from CWD Disease Management Areas.

Lehigh County Game Warden Tyler Kreider reports that a 41-year-old male from Allentown was found guilty at trial of illegally dumping tires on a Hunter Access property open to hunting in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County.

Northampton County Game Warden Bradley Kreider reports investigating property damage caused by gunfire at two different houses. So far multiple charges have been filed in the first incident, which occurred in October. Charges pending from second investigation.

Montgomery County Game Warden Raymond Madden reports that, over the past deer season, he noticed an increase in the number of illegal bait complaints in the county. In Special Regulations Areas, baiting is lawful, but only on private property and when using a mechanical feeder.

Philadelphia County Game Warden Jerrold Czech reports, a Hatboro man was cited for hunting in a safety zone, trespass while hunting, three counts of unlawful possession of antlered deer, and one count of unlawful possession of a migratory bird. While executing the warrants pursuant to the game-law violations, game wardens observed suspected drugs and drug paraphernalia in plain view in the home. Upper Moreland Police responded and executed an additional search warrant where they seized approximately 48.6 grams of suspected methamphetamine, 254 oxycodone pills, 25 suboxone films, six clonazepam pills, nine diazepam pills, 7 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, 23 baggies of varying weights of marijuana, oxytocin and various illegal anabolic steroids. In addition to the drugs, police also seized more than $6,000 in cash and 11 firearms, including a handgun and assault-style rifle. Charges are pending.

Schuylkill County Game Warden Jason Macunas reports, that on several occasions, violations were encountered during the general firearms deer season in which individuals tagged antlerless deer using tags issued for other WMUs throughout the state. Several of the hunters admitted that 4C and 4E antlerless licenses often sell out before they are able to obtain a second one. Therefore, they purchased an antlerless license where additional ones are more readily available and attempted to use them in Schuylkill County.