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Wild Birds

Birding and Bird Conservation Section
Bald Eagles
Wild Turkey
Ruffed Grouse

Wild Mammals

Allegheny woodrat (PDF)
American Marten

Appalachian cottontail 
Black Bear 
Deer mouse (PDF)
Eastern chipmunk (PDF)
Eastern cottontail
Eastern coyote
Eastern mole
Ermine or Short-tailed weasel
Evening bat
Feral Swine
Fox squirrel
Gray fox
Gray squirrel
Hairy-tailed mole 
Hoary bat
House mouse (PDF)
Indiana bat
Least shrew (PDF)
Least weasel
Long-tailed weasel
Masked shrew (PDF)
Long-tailed shrew (PDF)
Meadow jumping mouse (PDF)
Meadow vole (PDF)
Northern flying squirrel
Northern long-eared bat
Northern short-tailed shrew (PDF)
Norway rat (PDF)
Pine or woodland vole (PDF)
Pygmy shrew (PDF)
Red bat
Red fox 
Red squirrel
River otter
Smokey Shrew (PDF)
Snowshoe hare
Southern red-backed vole (PDF)
Southern bog lemming (PDF)
Southern flying squirrel
Spotted skunk
Star-nosed mole 
Striped skunk
Tri-colored bat
Water shrew (PDF)
White-footed mouse (PDF)
White-tailed deer
Woodchuck or Groundhog
Woodland jumping mouse (PDF)
Yellow-nosed vole (PDF)

Pennsylvania Wild Bird & Mammal Lists

The Pennsylvania Game Commission, as an independent agency of the Commonwealth, has jurisdiction over and management responsibility for all wildlife in Pennsylvania. By definition, wildlife includes all wild birds and wild mammals, both game and nongame species.

The Commonwealth is home to 480 species of wild birds and wild mammals. There are 436 species of wild birds, including 285 that are regular denizens of the state, while the remaining 129 species are less frequent visitors. Wild mammals are represented currently by 66 species; although the list of recognized species includes some that are relatively scarce and a few with ranges that extend marginally into Pennsylvania.

These lists are dynamic and will be updated periodically to reflect changes in species presence.

Current List of Wild Birds in Pennsylvania (PDF)
Current List of Wild Mammals in Pennsylvania (PDF)
Current List of Wild Birds in Pennsylvania - Alphabetical (PDF)
Current List of Wild Mammals in Pennsylvania - Alphabetical (PDF)